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HerBlend: India’s Premier Indian Chai Patti Wholesaler

HerBlend Gourmet Tea, the trailblazing Indian Chai Patti wholesaler brand, is proud to announce its unique approach to tea sourcing and distribution. Unlike traditional methods, HerBlend stands apart as the only brand that offers a minimum of 1kg tea to wholesalers and retailers, eliminating brokers and middlemen from the buying and selling process.

What sets HerBlend apart is not just the quantity but the unparalleled quality that comes with every batch of tea. All the teas are sourced directly from their very own Single Estate Tea Garden nestled in the pristine hills of Munnar. This commitment to direct sourcing ensures that every cup of tea is brimming with the genuine and premium gourmet quality that tea enthusiasts crave.

The assortment of Chai Patti available at HerBlend gourmet tea is a testament to their dedication to providing a diverse and fulfilling tea experience. From classic BOP, BOPSM, to the robust CTC Assam, and the aromatic South Chai, HerBlend Gourmet Tea caters to every palate. But the journey doesn’t stop here. Their repertoire extends to a delightful selection of blended Chai such as the aromatic Kesar Gulab Chai, the robust Punjabi Kadak Chai, and the nostalgic Bombay Cutting Chai, capturing the essence of India’s rich tea culture.

Delving deeper into their offerings, HerBlend boasts a range of herbal tea blends that goes beyond taste and seeks to infuse wellness into every sip. These herbal blends, carefully handcrafted by the owner – Ms Kaur herself, a certified herbalist, include options like weight loss and diabetes teas. These teas are more than just beverages; they are a harmony of nature’s healing properties, thoughtfully curated to address various health needs.

What truly sets HerBlend Gourmet Tea apart is their commitment to delivering an unmatched experience to every tea enthusiast. Miss Kamaljit Kaur, the visionary behind the brand, hails from the vibrant land of Punjab. Her passion for tea led her to pioneer the concept of combining wellness and taste through tea. As the sole owner of HerBlend Gourmet Teas, she brings her expertise and love for tea to the forefront of the industry.

Unique Features of HerBlend:

  1. Holistic Experience: HerBlend offers more than just tea; it offers an enchanting experience that stimulates the senses and warms the
  2. Ayurvedic Blend: Every cup of HerBlend tea incorporates Ayurveda’s wisdom, contributing to overall well-being.
  3. Nature’s Elixir: HerBlend’s unique formulation combines medicinal herbs, local spices, and exotic tea leaves, creating an elixir for the mind, body, and
  4. Supporting Local Farmers: HerBlend’s commitment extends to supporting local farmers by directly sourcing flowers and ingredients from
  5. Purity Guaranteed: Each tea blend is crafted from natural and pure ingredients, ensuring a level of purity that stands above the

From their website,, to their Amazon store, HerBlend is easily accessible to tea enthusiasts across India and beyond. For those seeking a journey into wellness through the medium of tea, HerBlend is the ultimate destination.

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About HerBlend:

Founded by Miss Kamaljit Kaur, HerBlend is India’s leading Indian Chai Patti wholesaler brand. With a commitment to quality, wellness, and a direct sourcing approach, HerBlend offers a wide range of teas, from traditional blends to herbal infusions. Each cup of HerBlend tea is a blend of taste, tradition, and well-being, delivering an unparalleled experience to tea enthusiasts across the nation.


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