Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Grand launch of Khoobsurat Salon in collaboration with Sylvie Designer Academy

The Nation’s Capital today witnessed the grand opening ceremony of Khoobsurat Salon featuring Sylvie Designer Academy. Organized by Deepak Bhalla, the founder of Khoobsurat Salon along with Dr. Sylvie Rodgers, the founder, of Sylvie Designer Academy, the event took place at Khoobsurat Academy in Dwarka. Along with the opening ceremony both the founders also announced the professional hair and makeup courses. The motive behind the launch is for students who will seek high-intensity training and knowledge to attain proficiency in the field. They will also get a chance of professional certification in international grounds. The courses offered by the institution shall be personal grooming, hair (basic and advanced), and makeup.

Talking about the same, Deepak Bhalla, owner, of Khoobsurat Salon, revealed, “We offer beauty and bridal services to our customers. We would like to expand our tie-up with Sylvie Designer Academy to encourage people seeking guidance in this profession. We shall further expand our franchise across Delhi and NCR.”

Dr. Sylvie Rodgers, the founder, of Sylvie Designer Academy, who established the salon more than 30 years said, “Working in this field and industry makes me really proud. We would love to support those who dream to pursue a career in hair and makeup. We shall provide extensive resourceful training and aid the students with the best. I am glad to work together with Khoobsurat Salon.”

About Sylvie Designer Academy:

Sylvie Designer Academy excels in providing the finest services including personal grooming, glam makeup, personal makeup, and hair, and makeup basic to name a few. Dr. Sylvie Rodgers is one of the country’s renowned hair stylists and makeup professionals. Her clientele includes famous celebrities, top models, singers, and many more. Her perseverance and commitment created a vast foundation that today serves exceptional and quality services by engaging expert beauticians.

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