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Global Uro Oncology Congress Champions Progress in Combatting Urological Cancers: Recognizing Innovators and Advancements in Kolkata

  • Combat Cancer with Courage: Global Uro Oncology Congress organized by Urological Society of India- Uro Onco Section and Dr. Amit Ghose

Kolkata, 25th November, 2023: A Cancer Awareness Program is a part of the Global Uro Oncology Congress that is being held from 23rd to 25th of November 2023 at The Westin Hotel, Kolkata. The conference has various aspects like a pre-conference workshop for resident doctors, deriving a national consensus on Uro Oncology, Discussions and achievement of recent advancements in Uro oncology and much more. Stalwarts in Urology from all over the nation and also abroad will be attending the conference making it a one of a kind event both beneficial to science as well as society.

The Global Uro Oncology Congressfelicitated the captains of Industry in Uro Oncology. One of the revolutionsthat have recently happened is the Robotic Revolution which has made manytechnological advances to make impossible cancer surgery possible. The captainof this robotic turnaround is an India born Dr. Mani Menon who is beinghonoured and felicitated with “The Tagore Medal” for lifetime achievement.Also, Professor Prokar Dasgupta of the United Kingdom has achieved excellence inRobotic Surgery in the world and is alumni of Calcutta Medical College. He hasreceived the Padmashree and was recently honoured with “Order of the BritishEmpire” by the Government of the United Kingdom. The event celebrated with Joy thisgreat Bengali achiever’s life by awarding him “The Pride of Bengal Award”.Additionally many living legends in Urology from all over the country wereawarded the “Awards of Excellence” for their contribution in Urology and in particularUro Oncology in India.

Speaking to the media, Dr. Amit Ghose, Chairman Global Uro Oncology Congress said, “The Global Uro Oncology Congress has been designed to share up to date knowledge Nationally and Internationally about kidney, prostate and bladder. More than that this entire activity is targeted towards the service of the society. We wish to create awareness amongst the general society about the risk factors involved in all cancers so that people can take steps against smoking, obesity, sedentary habits, family history and such other factors that promote cancer. Once the risk factors have been made aware we can also propagate awareness about early diagnosis measures such as doing PSA tests after 50 and regular health checkups in the general population carrying the risk factor. This will lead to managing cancers at an early stage and can target cure of cancer thereby decreasing morbidity and mortality.”

The burden of cancer both by incidence and mortality is rapidly growing worldwide. Today there are 20 lakh cancer patients worldwide and 9 lakh deaths each year. Of the 20 lakhs, 14 lakhs is the incidence of Prostate cancer and about 5 lakhs each of Kidney and Bladder cancer. Therefore, we are talking of a 10% incidence of urological cancers, which is very significant. Cancer of the Urological system including Kidney, Bladder and prostate is increasing by leaps and bounds. Cancer ranks as the leading cause of death even today. However, in the doom and gloom about the issue of rising cancer, one thing is sure that the survival rate is more than the death rate.

This conference was organised with partnership of Urological Society of India- Uro Onco Section and Dr. Amit Ghose is the organising chairman for the conference. He is a Stalwart in Uro Oncology based out of Apollo hospitals. With an experience of more than 35 years he has successfully treated more than 10,000 patients. His initiative for organising the Global Uro Oncology workshop has benefited many upcoming surgeons.



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