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Global revolution in the treatment of diabetes



“Transforming global healthcare – Replacing injections with a simple spray”


An Indian innovation to serve global population

Hyderabad, November 2023: NiedlFree Technologies Pvt Ltd, formed two years ago as an associate company of Transgene Biotek Ltd, is creating a revolution in the world of injectables covering various segments of medical treatment be it Diabetes, Cancer, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s etc. by transforming injectable formulations into a simple nasal or oral spray. Dr K Koteswara Rao, Director, NiedlFree Technologies Pvt Ltd; CA Viswanath Toshniwal, Director, NiedlFree Technologies Pvt Ltd. and Dr Jeetendra Ambulge, Director, NiedlFree Technologies Pvt Ltd; briefed media about this breakthrough innovation in drug delivery, developed by Hyderabad based NiedlFree Technologies Pvt Ltd., at a press conference, today at Taj Deccan.

This revolutionary technology was initiated by Transgene Biotek Ltd nearly two decades ago but NiedlFree has now taken this project up leading to its current exciting evolution.

NiedlFree has succeeded in making the drug administration not only painless but more importantly, a comfortable, convenient, and compliant in taking drugs such as Insulin for diabetes as an oral or nasal spray, or various other therapeutic drugs for cancer requiring hospital admissions replaced with a simple and convenient oral spray, two examples among other medical conditions.

Results of recently concluded study in dogs carried out by Palamur Biosciences provide ample proof of effectiveness of our Oral Insulin. The doses were administered in the form of a liquid spray into the mouth. Bio-availability of more than 90% compared with injectable route, unparalleled by any other company in the world so far, demonstrated the exciting prospects for the transformation to take place in the treatment of diabetes across the world.

It is important to understand that Insulin is the preferred drug in the treatment of Diabetes however, since it cannot be administered other than as an injection till now, NiedlFree’s oral Insulin provides a highly convenient alternative even to a normal working person. In controlling and managing Diabetes effectively with a simple alternative to injectable Insulin in the form of a oral spray, a first of its kind in the world, NiedlFree provides a huge relief to the diabetic population across the world once ‘Ozulin’ hits the markets targeted during 2025 – 26.

The total revenues of diabetic drugs across the world in 2022 was said to be USD 78 bil (Rs. 6,24,000 Crs), type 1 and type 2 combined. Since Insulin is the preferred drug of choice for all diabetics, if administered other than by injectable route, our nasal or oral Insulin provides that comfort as an effective alternative to all other diabetic drugs.

With the success of this oral Insulin, we are poised to extend the transformation of several other injectable formulations across various medical segments targeting specifically those conditions, at times debilitating such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, Cancer drugs requiring hospital admissions for administration through IV route, drugs for Osteoporosis, a condition often seen in elderly people.

Realising the potential opportunities for our novel formulations in animal care division also, with global Pet Care market for diabetes estimated to be around US$ 2 bil (Rs.16,000 Cr) in 2022, we are in dialogue with companies in USA and Europe for a strategic alliance to introduce this novel Insulin product into the pet care markets during 2024-25, a prelude to its introduction into human diabetic markets across the world.

Transforming global injectables, bringing smiles on millions of faces!!



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