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Furniture Designer Nandha Ravichandran Presents UKIYO Collection

AGAM Design Studio, founded in 2020 by 31-year-old designer Nandha Ravichandran, is based in Tamilnadu. Nandha, an architect and furniture design graduate from NID, Ahmedabad, has since created a wide range of conceptual furniture pieces. Using locally sourced materials and a combination of handmade and machine-made production processes, Nandha’s AGAM DESIGN STUDIO ( has gained recognition across India for its unique designs, durability, and unmatched curves, geometrical shapes, and finishes.

Nandha’s designer furniture pieces offer a fusion of traditional and contemporary touches and have been highly regarded by his clientele throughout India. His furniture is simple yet extraordinary, with details and unexpected combinations of wood, metal, weaving, and fabric. Nandha designs and creates freestanding and fitted furniture from individual pieces to room sets and entire houses, both speculatively and to commission in response to design briefs.

Over the past three years, Nandha has commissioned some challenging and creative designs, combining a flair for design with a keen understanding of the materials he works with. Designing theme-based furniture is a unique way to give a holistic outlook to collections and spaces, and with a dedicated team of artisans, Nandha and his team aim to introduce designer furniture that is unique, notable, and affordable to the masses.

Nandha’s pieces exhibit distinct characteristics such as abstract shapes, organic curves, earthy colours, and the use of locally sourced materials. These elements, combined with a touch of surrealism, define his work. According to the 30-year-old artist, their designs are inspired by nature and everyday life, as they believe that humans fundamentally belong to nature and seek a connection to their products. Each theme is conceptualized based on the core material’s properties, determining the form, appearance, and tactile qualities of the furniture.

For their latest collection “Ukiyo”-themed range, they have selected cantilevered wooden boxes wrapped in cane weaves and supported by wooden legs. Brass inlays, resembling morning sunlight passing through a bird’s nest on a treetop, enhance these products. The Ukiyo series features wooden furniture characterized by solid hollows and intricate cord weaving. All furniture at AGAM can be customized in terms of dimensions, colour, material, and finish.

UKIYO Collection has Beds, Sofas, Center Tables, Dining Tables, Side Tables, Study Tables, Bar Stool, Bed Bench, TV Units and more. Each design can be customised as per the size and need of the consumer and preferred material and finish.

Nandha strongly believes that furniture should not only possess decorative value but also be functional. They consciously strive to ensure that every part of their pieces serves a practical purpose. The form of the furniture determines its functionality, avoiding complex layouts for functional aspects. By doing so, they achieve a balance between aesthetic appeal and usability in their designs.

AGAM’s theme-based furniture effortlessly blends into one’s home, creating a comprehensive and comforting space. The designs perpetuate form and aesthetics and often resonate with modern-day inclinations. AGAM seeks to capture the spotlight in the designer furniture arena by incorporating nature-inspired themes, functional and abstract shapes, simple colour schemes, and holistic design.

Studio Address: 
AGAM DESIGN STUDIO by Nandha Ravichandran, 292, Old Auroville Road,
Kottakuppam, Tamilnadu- 605104, Ph: +91 9500728859.


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