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Frontier Raas Unveils Its Grand Flagship Store in Hyderabad, Blending Tradition and Modernity

Hyderabad, November 2023Frontier Raas, proudly introduces its grand flagship store in the vibrant city of Hyderabad, offering an exceptional blend of tradition and modernity. This remarkable addition to their retail family is poised to become your one-stop shopping destination for premium wear for weddings and festive occasions. Hyderabad has a deep-rooted connection with Indian culture and traditions. By opening a store in Hyderabad, Frontier Raas can cater to the fashion needs of this community and offer them a taste of home.

Aamir and Hameeda, the visionary architects behind this endeavor, in collaboration with the directors of Frontier Raas, have meticulously curated the store’s interiors and architecture. The store welcomes you with a grandiose façade, adorned with their iconic FR Jali framing the installation. Inspired by the intricate Mughal School of Art, this spectacle comes to life on indo-wood through the precision of CNC Cut technology. Home-grown elements intertwine throughout the multi-storey space, graced with exquisite Art Deco furnishings. Staying true to the brand’s identity, the store follows the signature ivory and gold color story, characterized by sleek, geometric, and luxurious materials.

Frontier Raas’s Hyderabad flagship store brings a diverse and hand-picked collection to the city of Hyderabad. Located at Banjara Hills Rd. No. 10, it offers an extensive range of handloom sarees, readymade lehengas, suits, gowns, menswear, bridal wear, and couture bridal wear. Additionally, the store provides customization services, allowing you to bring your dream outfits to life, tailored to your unique style and preferences.

Covering an expansive area of 15,000 sq. ft., the Frontier Raas store in Hyderabad is centrally located at Rd. No 10, Banjara Hills. The core ethos of Frontier Raas, steeped in sustainable luxury, is now beautifully realized in this new store. Their aim is to unite traditional elegance and modernity, providing a luxurious boutique that seamlessly blends the essence of both elements.

To celebrate the grand opening of their Hyderabad store, Frontier Raas hosted a launch event was graced by dignitaries, influential women, and spirited bloggers, all of whom share a mutual love for the craft and fashion. Ms. Pinky Reddy and Ms. Sudha Reddy, prominent figures in the fashion and cultural sphere, added their charm to the occasion. The multi-storey boutique echoed with laughter, lively conversations, and the melodious strains of Carnatic Ragas, performed by a local group of Gayaks.

At Frontier Raas, a commitment to the preservation of handloom artistry is unwavering. To showcase the intricate craftsmanship and celebrate the art of weaving, they organized a life-sized loom within the store. Skilled weavers demonstrated their craft, weaving traditional Paithani motifs, allowing the esteemed guests to witness the beauty of this generational craft.

Frontier Raas Hyderabad is not just a store; it’s a celebration of artistry, culture, and fashion.

Frontier Raas invites you to immerse yourself in this unique shopping experience. With its unique and authentic designs, set to make a mark in Hyderabad.

Address: Road Number 10, Banjara Hills

Contact Us At: 040-45279900

Instagram: frontierraas



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