Thursday, May 23, 2024

First Look Unveiled: ‘Sultan Mirza’ Sheds Light on Underworld’s Reign in Multilingual Cinematic Spectacle

The first look of the film “Sultan Mirza,” based on the underworld, was recently released in Mumbai. The Indian film industry churns out hundreds of movies every year, exploring various themes and engaging numerous producers and directors. Among these films, there’s a consistent production of underworld-centric movies, which find their way to the big screens year after year. With the surge in OTT platforms, such narratives have seen an increased surge in experimentation.

Director Iqbal Baksh brings to life the story of the underworld don Sultan Mirza, who once ruled in Lucknow. The first look poster of the film was recently unveiled in Mumbai, giving audiences a glimpse into what to expect. Through this film, the makers attempt to showcase the intricacies of the underworld and its impact on everyday life.

The film “Sultan Mirza” has been crafted in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages simultaneously, with plans for a pan-India release. Presented by Oqaab International and Red King Films Productions, the film’s producer is Himaayat Ali. The project comes under the banners of Shaan Performing Group, R.R. Rokde Productions, and VG Films International.

Rajesh Rokde, Gendraj Yadav, and Javed Mir Khan are co-producers alongside Sultan Mirza. Deepak Bhatiya pens the story, with screenplay and dialogues by Hima yat Ali. The cinematography is handled by Dinesh R. Patel and Santosh Singh, while The action in the film has been done by Javed R Shaikh and the choreographer is Dilip Mistry.

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The film stars Sahil Akhtar Khan, Shweta Dubey, Himayat Ali, Zarina Wahab, Deepak Bhatiya, Yashpal Sharma, Anant Jog, Sikandar Khan, and Dev Gill in pivotal roles. Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala leads the promotional activities.

The narrative delves into the intricate web of the underworld and its repercussions on society, promising a multi-lingual experience for audiences across the nation.


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