Sunday, June 23, 2024

First Look Revealed for Rajiv Pandey’s Bhojpuri Horror Film “Purnamasi”!

The horror genre has a long history in Bhojpuri cinema. Horror films have been made in Bhojpuri for a long time. Films like “Bairi Kangna” have also been made in Bhojpuri, which are still loved by the audience. Based on a similar incident, Nirmal Malti Entertainment has produced its first film, “Purnamasi.” The film “Purnamasi” has been completed and today the first look poster of the film was revealed at a press conference in Patna. The film is produced by Rajiv Pandey, who is also the lead actor, and it is written and directed by Sanjeev Pandey. Rajiv Pandey, Sanjeev Pandey, and Sanjay Singh were present at the press conference in Patna.

The main cast of the film “Purnamasi” includes newcomers Rajiv Pandey, Nidhi Jha, Avdhesh Mishra, Amrita Pandey, Subodh Seth, Sanjeev Pandey, C.P. Bhatt, Anita Rawat, Dr. Rajendra Yadav, and Abhishek Singh Golu. Madhu Pandey is the producer of the film, and Avdhesh Kumar is the associate director. Kaushal Kumar is the chief assistant director. Dinesh Singh Bisht is the cinematographer, and Mayank Pandey is the editor. The film’s songs are written by Manoj Matlbai and composed by Govind Ojha. Prince Mishra is the fight master, and Sudama Minj is the dance master. Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala is the publicist for the film.

With the release of the first look poster, anticipation is building among fans for the release of “Purnamasi.” The film promises to bring the horror genre to the Bhojpuri audience with a captivating story and a talented cast. Audiences are eagerly waiting to experience the thrills and chills that “Purnamasi” has to offer.


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