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Film making is a passion, making it with your own money is daring and getting it released is an achievement : Ismail Umar Khan

Director Ismail Umar Khan and his better half Supriya are known for their creative work in the industry. The duo’s latest work is a film titled One Stop For Love on Zee5.

Talking about the film, Ismail says, “One Stop For Love was conceived in 2017 and we shot the film in 2018. I first thought of the film when everything was moving online- be it a tiny needle or a large appliance. The story explores what happens if someone you fantasized is available online.” Ismail explains further, ”Sex always sells with comedy ka tadka.”

How was it working with your life partner?

Ismail says,”I had major conflicts with Supriya during the making of this film. When I told her let’s make this film in 2017, she refused and I gave up. She was not at all in favour of experimenting with our own money but in 2018 I got adamant. I was sure that I will make some money on YouTube. Finally Supriya said yes and took over the production.”

Speaking about the cast he says, “I had approached a few of my actor friends. Some of them directly refused due to the bold subject and some were very clear that they don’t want to get launched on YouTube or any unknown upcoming platforms. I had a tentative casting in mind. The lead was finalized first but despite having the script for a month and a half, she couldn’t perform nor could she understand Sanjana’s character. Supriya was very upset to see the casting. My friend Gulfam Hussain, who has done some brilliant character roles, came as a saviour. When I told her I need a heroine for my film,she immediately suggested someone and that’s how Shweta Khandhuri (Sanjana) got casted. She did a brilliant job and understood the character. I would say she is a director’s actor. Urfi Javed had been on one of my shows Piya Rangrezz, thus I asked her if she was interested in playing Roop’s character. She was pre-committed and suggested to her friend Richa Sinha who is an International model. That worked out. Then Shikha Singh was cast as Kamana. She had worked with me in Ikyawaan. After the female casting was done, we needed 4 boys, whom we auditioned and finalised quickly. I had a great time shooting with my cast. They didn’t have any reservations, understood and followed my vision. I guess Jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai. Supriya’s decision to change the cast was right. Getting a Yes from Supriya is not that easy. But when she agrees I know she has a wider vision. The title track of the film was a superb surprise. She got the lyrics done and recorded the track in Lata Mangeshkar studio. The song is like a masaledar tadka to the film.”

Ismail also adds,”Supriya being a creative director and fabulous as a producer doesn’t want to settle for less. Our well wishers suggested not to waste this movie on YouTube and that is how we decided to pitch it on OTT platforms. Finally one of my friends introduced us to the Zee5 acquisition team. They loved the promo & the deal was done. The film was released on April 16th 2020 during COVID. It’s doing good on Zee5 in the premium category. While filming One stop for Love, I was very clear – the content is Romcom but there will be no skin business, no visual filth, my content was bold but very diligently handled.”

Speaking about his passion in direction, Ismail says, “Film making is a passion, making it with your own money is daring and getting it released is an achievement. Because finding a platform requires more hard work and effort, than making the film itself. Fate is decided by the audience but getting it released is tough.”


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