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FASAL director Mehraaj says, “Amid this heavy rainfall in Punjab, Sehnoor is making sure that each member gets proper facilities”

  • Team FASAL continues to shoot amid heavy rainfall, Director Mehraaj says, “Sehnoor’s concern and Love has motivated the entire cast and crew to work more passionately”

Despite the challenges posed by the heavy downpours, the team’s unwavering commitment and passion have become the driving force behind the making of this captivating series. The dedicated team behind the highly anticipated web series FASAL, led by the talented Producer Sehnoor, has been ceaselessly working towards creating a remarkable production. Director Mehraaj’s commitment to the project has been made possible by the unwavering support of producer Sehnoor, who has been ensuring that every facility is provided and the well-being of the actors, cast, and crew is paramount.


Director Mehraaj says, “Amid heavy rains, we are shooting to bring the audience the best series, said director Mehraaj. We believe in the power of storytelling, especially when it revolves around strong women and their struggles. FASAL is a project close to our hearts, and we are grateful to our producer Sehnoor for her unwavering support and concern for the actors, cast, and crew. She has ensured that everyone is provided with every facility required, even in challenging circumstances. Sehnoor has been on set with us during the shoot and is keeping a perfect watch that no one should face any difficulty and her this behavior motivates each team member to work more passionately.”

Producer Sehnoor, who has been instrumental in facilitating the shoot despite the heavy rains, expressed her commitment to the project and the well-being of the entire team. “The passion and dedication of the actors, cast, and crew have been commendable. We believe in the importance of FASAL’s message, and we want to ensure that everyone involved in its creation is taken care of. Safety and comfort are our top priorities, and we will continue to provide the necessary facilities and support.”

The series aims to create awareness and ignite conversations about gender equality, women’s rights, and the need for societal change.Their determination to push boundaries and deliver a series that challenges societal norms is commendable, and their commitment to capturing the essence of the strong women-oriented topic is truly inspiring.

As the shooting of FASAL continues, audiences eagerly await the release of this web series that promises to be a compelling exploration of women’s resilience, strength, and empowerment. Through the dedicated efforts of the entire team, FASAL has the potential to leave a lasting impact and inspire positive change in society.


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