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Enhancing Corporate Car Rental Business: The Power of Quality Customer Service

In any industry, quality customer service is a cornerstone of a successful business. It is so much so that 93% of customers will make repeat purchases with companies offering good customer service.

It is important for corporate car rental businesses to keep customer satisfaction and grow. By giving good reviews, shoutouts on social media can significantly boost your car rental’s reputation.

Here, we will discuss why customer service quality is important for corporate car rentals and how it can be improved.

Quality Customer Service Optimizes Cost

The cost of acquiring new customers or buyers is five times that of retaining existing ones.

However, the probability of selling to an existing customer is only around 70%, as against 5%-20% for a prospective one. Corporate car rental companies must offer quality customer support to retain existing customers.

This means going beyond answering customer queries. The corporate car rentals offer personalized service, understand the importance of customers, and use their feedback to provide a holistic customer experience.

Providing a positive satisfaction rate to customers ensures customers keep coming back. Research shows that B2B customers are willing to spend up to 30% more for a better customer experience.

Moreover, 89% of companies with ‘significantly above average customer experiences are financially more robust than their competition. And a vital part of customer experience is customer service. Quality customer service leads to quality customer experience.

A recent survey by Gartner reveals that 86% of B2B customers expect companies to be well-informed regarding their personal information. 90% of customers spend more if customer service is personalized, highlighting the important role of customer support.

Corporate car rentals must understand the needs of new customers to serve them optimally. However, the history is already available to the corporate car rental service company to act on. It is especially to save time, effort, and hassle free.

Another important consideration is the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). This is an especially pertinent metric for corporate car rentals.

Quality Customer Service Furthers Marketing Objectives

Customer service goes both ways. While the objective is to assist customers, companies can also use this opportunity to gain insights. They are the first executives and are the first people customers contact.

It allows them to understand how products and services are faring with customers. They can also improve marketing initiatives to better connect with the target audience.

For instance, corporate car rentals can get feedback on various important considerations, such as:

  • Demand trends
  • Preferred mode of payment
  • Select the type of vehicle, its features, and colours
  • Expectations of customers

Gaining customer feedback on these points can help corporate car rental agencies modify their offerings. They can improve marketing efforts by advertising and emphasizing those aspects that resonate the most to improve customers.

Another important point to consider is differing perspectives. It is common for companies to misjudge brand perception with customers.

For instance, a corporate car rental company might feel they are projecting a chic, luxury car oriented product. Whereas, their customers might associate comfort, ruggedness, and ease of driving with them instead. With efficient customer service, companies can realize this varying viewpoint and address their marketing efforts accordingly.

Feedback is important for the smooth functioning of corporate car rentals. It is even for judging the success of its customer service efforts.

According to a survey, 60% of companies believe their customer service was good, while 68% of customers found room for improvement. Further, 58% of customers say that customer service is an afterthought for most companies.

Interacting with customers and understanding how they receive the brand can be extremely helpful for corporate car rentals.

Quality Customer Service Drives Brand Image

 A corporate car rental company’s customer service is the face of the brand. Having well-trained front-line employees will improve brand image and business growth.

It reassures customers that they are doing business with a stable entity. They know the market well and value it as a business. Research shows that 71% of consumers have ended their business relationship with a company because of sub-par customer service.

Further, excellent customer service will inspire loyalty among corporate car rental customers. According to Zendesk, 57% of customers feel loyal to a brand because of its customer service.

A positive customer experience leads to repeat good airport service and improved brand awareness. Taking their feedback on products and cab service meets customers need.

Corporate car rentals must act on it as well. They must incorporate the customer’s views to provide a more fulfilling experience.

Customer service adds the human touch to business. And if done right, it leaves a lasting impression on the customer. Those pleased with the company’s response will recommend it to others. This will help grow the corporate car rental’s customer base and increase brand reach.

To Sum Up

According to a study conducted by Accenture, 75% of B2B customers reported proactive customer service as an essential consideration when doing business.

Delivering quality customer service helps repeat customers and increase brand loyalty while optimizing costs and improving brand image.

We at MoveInSync understand the value of efficient customer service. We endeavour to provide the same from the beginning of customer journeys. Our SaaS platform brings benefits like ETS, Shuttle, Rentlz, Total, and WorkInSync, to help companies manage their human resources effectively.

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Our corporate car rental solution, Rentlz, helps with five essential car renting problems.

  • Bookings
  • Vendor assignment
  • Cab allocation
  • Tracking Approvals
  • Trip merging

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Then the transport team/ manager can assign vendors and track the cab status. Once the cabs are allocated, they can even track location, making employees’ commute safer.

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