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Encubay’s flagship conference ‘Network-Her’ aims at leveling the playing field in the global startup ecosystem

150+ women founders, investors, and corporate professionals associated to make the conference a huge success

 India, 11th April 2023 – Encubay, a global diversity-focused network, in collaboration with DBS Bank, brought together 150+ women founders, investors, and corporate professionals from the business ecosystem at its flagship conference ‘Network-her Conference 2023’ this year in Delhi and Bangalore, to create a space for networking and knowledge exchange. Speakers from various established organisations and startups like  EY (Ernst & Young), LinkedIn, DBS Bank, Enkash, V Resorts, etc discussed few interesting topics like viability of global expansion for female-led businesses, celebrating the strides women have taken in D2C sector & exploring opportunities for growth, innovation & scaling up, fundraising, emerging technology for women founders, journey of women leaders in corporate & examining the importance of diversity in the ecosystem, and sustainability for startups.

Ms Deeksha Ahuja, Founder of Encubay and Encubay Angel Network, said, “We have organized Network-her with the intention of adding more diversity to entrepreneurship and investing. It is my personal mission to make startup networks more accessible and inclusive. When I started my journey as an entrepreneur 10 years back, it was tough to find women in the startup ecosystem, and that’s when I decided to change the construct of entrepreneurship as innovation happens at its best when we work together.”


According to a research done by Indian Brand Equity Foundation, 20.37% of women are MSME owners in India. Our country has 432 million working-age women and 13.5 –15.7 million women-owned businesses that provide direct employment to 22–27 million people. According to Boston Consulting Group, start-ups founded or co-founded by women generate 10% more cumulative revenue over a five-year period. These start-ups have a more inclusive work culture and employ 3x more women than men. Moreover, women-led businesses are estimated to grow 90% in the next five years.

Encubay through its network wants to support these women and enable them to transform their home business into an investable one. Conferences like Network-her give female founders, efficient methods and access to the right people that will inspire them to strive for bigger goals. It is an activity of realizing the importance of self, indulging in its growth, and prioritizing the attainment of unimaginable levels of success.

Recently at Network-her conference, women experts from all fields gathered at the IIT Delhi campus, to play their part in leveling the playing field of the startup ecosystem. The stage glittered with a stellar lineup of speakers including Aditi Balibir (Founder, V Resorts), Anjali Singh (Partner, Business Consulting, EY), Pooja Gupta (Head of Sales, Talent and Learning Solutions, North & East India, LinkedIn), Amandeep Arora (Head of Communications & Content, EnKash), Sushant Shetty (Senior Vice President, DBS Bank) and Encubay’s founder, Deeksha Ahuja.

Attendees revealed in the magnitude of insights and were eager to interact with the speakers post their respective panels as well. Synergies based on growth, curiosity, and eagerness to learn were exchanged across the room which made the conference, one to remember.

About Encubay:

Encubay brings together all stakeholders in the startup ecosystem with the purpose of creating a thriving space for startups, corporates, investors, and enablers with the object of creating innovation with a strong lens of diversity. Founder – Deeksha Ahuja, MENA outreach partner – Avneet Kohli

With the potential to enable growth and drive diversity, we solve for the lack of women in the start-up ecosystem and create a level playing field for all start-ups. We believe the more women-founded/co-founded start-ups scale up and raise capital, the more women will be inspired to take up entrepreneurship and expand their ventures.

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About Encubay Angel Network:

Encubay Angel Network is a network formed to create more diversity and inclusion in angel investing and startup space. It aims to unlock the huge potential of funds that rest with women & men who are keen to invest in diverse founders. It is a network of existing and aspiring angel investors globally. We are inclined towards supporting investing in women-led ventures through access to the portfolio companies of women-led businessesFounding Partners – ANISHA PATNAIK (Founder, LexStart); ANKITA VASHISTHA (Founder, Saha Fund & StrongHer Capital); DEEKSHA AHUJA (Founder, Encubay, Encubay Angel Network, Collaborat-her); JAYAROOPA JEYABHARATI (Co-Founder, Women in Investing Network); NEIHARIKA RAJIV (Partner, Encubay Angel Network)


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