Thursday, June 13, 2024

“Duniya Gayi Bhaad Me” and “Nukkad” boom on Mask TV OTT Platform!

Mask TV OTT platform has been making waves with its exceptional content, amassing a staggering viewership within a mere 11 months since its inception. The platform’s rapid growth has seen it accumulate a dedicated fan base—unparalleled compared to other OTT platforms. Surpassing the 10 million viewership mark in such a short span stands as a monumental achievement for Mask TV OTT.

Mansie Bhatt, the channel producer, attributes this success to the fervor ignited by LBW, produced by the dynamic duo Chiranjeevi Bhatt and Anju Bhatt under the Tag Production banner during the World Cup Cricket. Buoyed by this triumph, the team is gearing up for the release of their upcoming web series, Nukkad. Meanwhile, Rohit Gangurde’s gripping series, “Duniya Gayi Bhaad Me Mask,” delving into the police-underworld chess game, is captivating audiences, especially during this festive season. Starring Aarya Babbar and Rahul Dev, the series has been acclaimed for its stellar cinematography by KDOP Thomas Xavier and deft editing by Tapas Ghosh, presenting the intricate tale of law enforcement and crime in an engaging manner.

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The channel producer, Mansie Bhatt, proudly notes that Mask TV OTT has carved a powerful presence, with over 1 million downloads in 11 months. Rumors swirl about the platform transitioning into a pay-and-release model after reaching 10 million users, a significant milestone anticipated soon as the platform approaches its one-year mark.

The triumph of Mask TV OTT can be accredited to its exceptional content, featuring titles such as “Mission Seventy,” “Pratha,” “Burhan: Hero or Villain,” “Leech,” “Azamgarh,” “Bhooch,” “Double Shades,” “Ragad Bhasad,” and “Raktneeti.” Boasting over 300 movies and Mask TV Originals, the platform caters to diverse audiences, ensuring a plethora of content choices for all demographics. Anticipation brews as Mask TV OTT prepares to unveil premium plans, custom-tailored for specific audience segments—a disclosure eagerly awaited by enthusiasts. Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala, the PRO from Mumbai, hinted at an imminent announcement regarding this development.


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