Sunday, July 14, 2024

Divas Slaying Fashion: Sara Ali Khan, Aneri Vajani & Rakul Preet Singh

Fashion and elegance are two attributes that certainly go hand-in-hand in the Indian entertainment industry. While it’s important to know your craft and be on top of your game when you are facing the cameras on-screen, it’s equally important to focus on how presentable you appear as a personality offscreen. Well, that’s exactly where an individual’s fashion game comes into play. In a world that’s quick to point out whether your fashion game is a yay or nay, it’s indeed a challenge to stand tall amidst all expectations and do well all the time in that department. However, today, we pick for you all three special beauties who seem to be at it effortlessly and how. Let’s take a look:

Sara Ali Khan: The diva needs no introduction and the best aspect about her has to be the fact that she is unabashedly and unapologetically just herself. Whenever she feels like getting decked up, she slays and when she prefers keeping it simple, she’s a 10/10 there as well. Absolutely on point stuff.

Aneri Vajani: She’s a star in the true sense of the term and for all the right reasons. Be it TV shows or reality shows, she is literally on top of her game everywhere and even in the vogue department, she’s been killing it quite effortlessly. Be it the stylish ethnic outfits or the bold western chic dresses, there’s nothing that she can’t dominate when she dons them. An absolute powerhouse in the vogue department for real.

Rakul Preet Singh: Last but certainly not the least, we have to talk about how effortlessly and elegantly this diva manages to give her own spin in her outfits to create impact. Her natural beauty certainly helps the task and no wonder, the Internet loves her dazzling avatars.

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