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Disha-Chord School Building inaugurated for urban deprived children

  • A Standalone BERKADIA CSR Project

Hyderabad, 19th April 2023BERKADIA – A US-Based Multinational Company; has built a Permanent DISHA-CHORD School Building for under privileged Children, is inaugurated by Chief Guest Sri Justin Wheeler, CEO, Berkadia; Kukatpally, today. Guests of Honour Sri Madhavaram Krishna Rao, Hon’ble MLA, Kukatpally Assembly Constituency; Sri Mark McCool, President, Berkadia CRE Services; Sri Sudipto Mukherjee, Managing Director, Berkadia India; Sri Mandadi Srinivasa Rao, Hon’ble Corporator, KPHB Colony, Ward No. 114; Sri Suman C. Malladi, Founder and President, CHORD; & Smt. Manjulatha Malladi, Project’s Director, CHORD; were also present on the occasion.

Sri Justin Wheeler, CEO, Berkadia; said This is a wonderful day for us, we are very blessed and lucky, as Suman said, we started in 2015, and we started our association with the Disha Chord School and now it’s 2023, eight years later, and we are able to have this wonderful facility here and we are very grateful to participate, take very grateful for the opportunity we have to help and to bless the lives of the kids. Each year I come here and I see the kids growing, everyone’s getting bigger and growing, but I am the only one who is not getting older. But I am very grateful for the opportunity we have to serve and to help. It would be remiss of me if I did not say thank you to all of the Berkadians who have worked very, very hard to make this happen. There has been a lot of sacrifice, a lot of time, resources that has been given to the school and I just want to say thank you on behalf of the management committee and of Berkadians, our shareholders, for all the hard work that’s been done. I would say specific names, but had to leave out way too many people. Just want to say thank you.

As Some of you may know, Our Beloved Disha-Chord School Project Was Launched in 2015 with the aim of Educating Urban Deprived Children in Kukatpally. We’re Thrilled to announce the grand opening of our Brand-new State-of-the-Art School Building for Disha-Chord School. We are Excited to announce that Berkadia has built a Permanent School for Children in Gopal Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad. The School Construction is now completed. School is committed to providing High-Quality Education to Urban-Deprived Children and Ushering in a new era of Digital Education.

Sri Madhavaram Krishna Rao, Hon’ble MLA, Kukatpally Assembly Constituency; said Actually we wanted to do this inauguration by KTR, but due to unavoidable reasons he could not came here, Nala which was next to this building was sanction approved of a 12 crore rupees for construction, Mr. Suman couple has trained and provided employment to 7400 women families in Serilingampally and Kukatpally constituencies. A school for 500 students was built by the Chord Organization for children who could not study because of poverty. Justin Wheeler who from America should be appreciated for building a school here with great generosity, without disappointing the ambition of the Mr. Suman couple who have undertaken such a good program, all the children of this school should study well and get good result in exams, I have my full support for more good programs in future, under the leadership of KCR and KTR, the Telangana is moving forward without any problem in the field of education.

Sri Mark McCool, President, Berkadia CRE Services; said, I remember the day we met, eight years ago, it’s incredible and looking out over the audience. Thank you to my teammates and colleagues for all the work you have done. This is all for the students, for the children, for the community. I am proud to be Berkadians every single day, but today just stands out for me and as I love to tell my family at home, every time I have an opportunity to come to this school, it makes my day, it makes my year. So I’m blessed. I am humbled to be part of this.

Sri Suman C. Malladi, Founder and President, CHORD; said One of our Projects Disha-CHORD school has been launched with support from our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Partner BERKADIA a US Based Multi-National Company in the year 2015 towards educating urban deprived children in Kukatpally. Having educated 300 children every year for the last eight years Berkadia has now resolved to Build a permanent school for children and accordingly acquired land and built a school to accommodate nearly 500 children in Gopal Nagar. Thanks to the Generous Support of Berkadia CSR Funds, We were able to make this dream a reality. Our team of 75 full-time employees and 500 global volunteers work relentlessly, managing our institutional service centres established across 7 districts in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Sri Sudipto Mukherjee, Managing Director, Berkadia India; said, This is historic, momentous, So many emotions. I have been associated with this from 2019, the first day I signed and this has been a dream because I think what we partner with the Chord Foundation and the DISHA-CHORD specifically, is education. and one of the things that Berkadia believes in, I personally believe in I know the MC believes in, I know my management team believes in is that education can bring a lot of equality, which is much a miss in the community that we exist. Sometimes I think we underestimate how privileged we are and when you look around and when you interact with other people in the community, you realize that there’s so much that you can do and for me, I think even personally, this is a dream come true, because I don’t think I could have been part of an initiative like this if Ii were not a Berkadian. The kind of support that I got from Justin, Mark, rest of the management committee, my management team, the CSR volunteers, the work that you guys do is unbelievable, and to be associated with something that Manjulatha garu lead, I think you guys do God’s work, and we are privileged that we get an opportunity to support you. I think that’s how we look at it. So thank you for what you’re doing for the community, for these kids, for the cause of education, for the cause of creating long term equality in the society that we operate in. It totally aligns with the bacteria values. One of the values that we have is that we believe I think what you are creating is future citizens of this country and who knows, someday very soon, one of these kids would have the privilege to be called a Berkadian, and we take the long view that’s another vacuum, which is very close to Berkadia’s heart and the seeds that you’re so wing right now, is going to reap such a wonderful crop in the future that all of us will be extremely proud that we were part of this initiative, this project.

Mrs Rupali Mukherji, W/o Sudipto Mukherji, said, I am really honored and blessed to be a part of this historic moment today, and I would less like to say that let this moment be a proceedings to the entire corporate world. Hope all companies come forward and help those who really need this kind of opportunity. Would like to also ask the DISHA-CHORD to take this opportunity or make use of this huge opportunity and give this opportunity to all your children so that they can rise and shine in future.

School Highlights: Modern and futuristic approach to learning, fostering innovation. Dedicated to providing a well-rounded and holistic education. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and digital learning tools. Committed to diversify and inclusivity in all aspects.

Disha CHORD School is a state-of-the-art school building, made possible through the generous support of Berkadia CSR funds. Our school is committed to providing high-quality education to urban deprived children and ushering in a new era of digital education.

CHORD and BERKADIA’s CSR Collaboration:

CHORD is a Non- Profit and Non-Political relief and development organization with a compelling Vision to ensure that educational opportunity reaches the less fortunate so that every child is in school and is learning with dignity and every young man and women are trained in skills.

Our Mission is to provide wholesome education to the underprivileged, to extend skill-based training to unemployed, vulnerable youth and creating a strong platform for sustained community development. Right from our humble beginnings in 1998 to this day CHORD has successfully rescued and empowered with education, counselling and care, over 16300 underprivileged children, trained over 7400 young men and women in employable Skills and has touched lives of tens of thousands through its awareness and sensitization workshops.


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