Sunday, June 23, 2024

Director Abhik Benazir Unveils ‘Nukkad’: A Compelling Saga of Life’s Complexities Premieres on Mask TV!

The web series “Nukkad,” helmed by director Abhik Benazir, delves into the complexities of various individuals’ lives and perspectives. Today, it premiered on Mask TV, unfolding in six episodes. Its narrative spans across characters, shedding light on their lives, mysteries, emotions, desires, and the roles of fate in diverse ways.

Despite its slow narrative pace, the series captivates audiences by intricately weaving an interesting storyline that keeps viewers engaged. Each episode progresses as if the characters are living their real lives.

“Nukkad” is a stage where everyone lives their own character, each with a unique story to tell—where truth and lies coexist, mirroring life itself. Life, like this series, has no clear beginning or end; it’s the journey in between, showcasing that each of us has a different story to tell and diverse roles to play. The series beautifully portrays this diversity, where attraction shifts from the beautiful to the mundane, exploring the maze of emotions trapped between these characters.

Throughout most episodes, the series maintains a dark and melancholic cinematic tone, successfully presenting its themes with grace and beauty.

Directed by Abhik Benazir, the series concludes tragically. The cinematography maintains an aesthetic tone, reflecting the characters’ blend of desire and melancholy.

The series adeptly explains its complex subject matter due to ample spacing between scenes, making it easily comprehensible.

Ranjit’s character, played by Ved Prakash, delivers commendable acting, portraying the nuances of a street play artist, showcasing the play of perspectives in his village. Characters fluctuate between positive and negative shades throughout the series. Initially, dialogues remain common, reflecting the everydayness of our lives, which renders it more relatable.

Scenes of the scenic village, nature’s beauty where ordinary people live their character-driven lives, make it a nostalgic and relatable watch for common folk.

The main cast includes Sanam Ziya, Trupti Sahu, Imran Hussain, Apala Bisht, Ved Prakash, Rohit Banerjee, Sagar Saini, Preeti Sharma, Rubina Khan, Sunil Saini, Priyanka Kashyap, Vishal Singh, Karan Mehra, and Satish. Ashok Panda serves as the cinematographer, while Vinit Mishra and Akshay Yagnik are the creative directors. Joy Datta and Rudra Majumdar handle the music, bringing a unique flair to the series.

Under the banner of Tag Productions, producers Anju Bhatt and Chiranjeev Bhatt introduce a fresh concept with this series.



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