Sunday, March 3, 2024 Expands its Reach: Acquires BusyBee and Invests in Tamil Nadu Startups

  • Singapore’s Premier Delivery Platform Marks a Milestone in Asian Market Expansion

New Delhi, February 5th, 2024 – Today,, the leading long-distance delivery platform in Singapore and a subsidiary of Maxima Logistics Pte Ltd, proudly announced its acquisition of BusyBee, a prominent Indian Mobility Lifestyle Platform. Valued at SGD 500,000, this strategic move not only strengthens’s foothold in the Asian and Middle Eastern markets but also signals a commitment to fostering innovation and community-centric platforms.

BusyBee, known for its transformation into a comprehensive mobility lifestyle app, brings a robust network of over 1800 delivery riders across 317 locations in South India. Positioned under the umbrella, BusyBee is poised for substantial growth, aligning with’s commitment to enhancing comprehensive mobility services through its DAAS model.

This significant partnership leverages’s advanced technology and expertise to enhance BusyBee’s operational efficiency and profitability. Backed by Maxima Logistics, BusyBee aims to expand to 1000 locations by 2025, setting the stage for a more connected and convenient future.

In addition to the BusyBee acquisition, is making noteworthy investments in two innovative Tamil Nadu startups. A strategic investment of SGD 250,000 in “HighRices,” a unique community-based platform, underscores’s commitment to empowering local communities and culinary experiences. The investment will facilitate the development of an Augmented Reality (AR) powered app, aiming to revolutionize smart restaurants globally.

Simultaneously, allocates SGD 250,000 to HomeRadius, an app streamlining the process of hiring home service professionals. With’s support, HomeRadius aims to revolutionize home management in Singapore and beyond, providing a convenient platform for users to connect with service providers.

These strategic decisions reflect’s dedication to expanding not only its delivery services but also investing in community-centric and empowering platforms. Mr. Krishnamani Kannan, Co-founder & CEO of and Vice Chairman of SSACCI, emphasized the company’s commitment to fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and community building on a global scale.

With a vision to redefine the delivery experience and a strategy supporting innovative community models, is paving the way for a more connected and convenient future.


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