Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Cyber Frauds: Beware of those making fake calls pretending to be telecom officials, you can become victims of fraud.

Cyber Frauds: If someone calls on your mobile phone and says that he is calling from the Department of Telecommunications and threatens to disconnect your mobile number, then immediately beware of such fraud callers. The Ministry of Communication has issued an advisory to the common citizens cautioning them against such calls. The ministry said that cyber criminals can commit cyber crime or fraud by stealing people’s personal information through such calls.

The Ministry of Communications issued a statement advising the citizens that they are receiving such calls in which the caller is claiming to be an officer of the Department of Telecommunications and is threatening to disconnect the mobile number. Besides, he was scaring the users by saying that their mobile numbers have been used in objectionable activities. The Department of Telecommunications has warned against WhatsApp calls coming from foreign numbers like (+92-xxxxxxxxxxx). On such calls, the caller is duping the users by pretending to be a government official.

The ministry said that cyber criminals are trying to collect personal information of users through such calls to commit cyber crimes or financial fraud. The Department of Telecommunications said that no one from its side has been allowed to call mobile users. The Department of Telecommunications has advised citizens to be cautious about such calls and not to share any personal information when receiving such calls.

In case of receiving such calls, the Department of Telecommunications has asked the citizens to report on Chakshu-Report Suspected From Communication Facility on Sanchar Saathi portal ( The department said that reporting such fraudulent calls helps the Telecom Department in preventing cyber fraud or crime. Citizens can also complain through helpline number 1930.


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