Sunday, June 16, 2024

Composer Sahajahn Shaikh Sagar’s latest music video “Dil Tod Gaye” released by Zee Music

Music director Sahajahn Shaikh Sagar’s latest music video “Dil Tod Gaye” has become a rage as soon as it was released by Zee Music. The song is getting a very good response. This Sad Romantic Song is written by Ahmad Siddiqui & Rahima A Siddiqui.

Music Director Sahajahn Shaikh Sagar says, “Dil Tod Gaye is a lovely song which I have composed from the heart and I am sure it will touch millions of hearts. The response to the song getting released by Zee Music Company is amazing. The song has a kashish hai ek story which is enthralling the listeners and viewers.

Sahajahn Shaikh Sagar

Composer Sahajahn Shaikh Sagar further told that a love story has been shown in it which narrates the story of a broken heart. A girl falls in love with a driver, now how does she tell her parents that the one she loves is a driver? The story progresses in this dilemma.

Music director Sahajahn Shaikh Sagar told that the lyricists of this song, Ahmad Siddiqui and Rahima A Siddiqui, have written very beautiful words. He is an amazing lyricist who has command over words and knows the pulse of the audience. The song is sung by Raj Burman & Harman Nazim. Gultesham and Sarika acted in the video.

Many more songs by Sahajahn Shaikh Sagar are also going to come soon, whose official announcement will be made soon.


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