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Chhota Hazri Spirits Launches Baagh, a Purpose-Driven Indian Craft Gin in Mumbai and Pune

Mumbai, India – Chhota Hazri Spirits are excited to announce the launch of Baagh, a modern Indian craft gin that combines great taste with a strong purpose in the markets of Mumbai and Pune.

Baagh is not your traditional gin. Unlike most gins which are juniper-forward, Baagh boasts a citrus-forward profile that combines the zesty tang of Nagpur orange and the crispness of lime, complemented by subtle hints of spice.

But Baagh is more than just a great-tasting gin, it also stands for a purpose reflected in its tagline – “No Planet No Party.” The name Baagh, which means “garden” in Hindi, is a nod to the importance of preserving our natural world. To that end, a portion of the profits from Baagh will be dedicated to agrobiodiversity and re-wilding initiatives in Assam, in partnership with The Balipara Foundation. The distillery also sources ingredients from local farmers, ensuring that the land and its people benefit from the production process.

Baagh is designed to appeal to a broad audience, particularly urban thirtysomethings who seek a delicious, responsibly made gin that is accessible and easy to enjoy. It pairs well with simple tonic water or can be used to create a personalized DIY cocktail, without the need for specialty mixers or flavored tonics. Baagh is versatile enough to stand on its own.

The premium Indian alcohol market is experiencing a surge in growth, with gin leading the way with a CAGR of 11%. Baagh is well-positioned to tap into this trend by offering a unique and purpose-driven product that resonates with consumers who prioritize local, homegrown brands that align with their values.

CEO and Founder Jatin Dev Bobb along with his founding partners Mohamed Rizwan and Manu Chandra established Chhota Hazri Spirits in a post-Covid world. The name takes inspiration from the traditional refreshment consumed by troops stationed in Northern India during the 19th century, as well as the morning rituals followed in certain army regiments and boarding schools to this day.

Commenting on the launch, Jatin Dev Bobb said, ” We are excited to introduce Baagh to the Indian market, aiming to craft a contemporary Indian gin that not only delivers exceptional taste but also prioritizes purpose beyond profit. In today’s world, creating a great product alone is no longer sufficient. At Chhota Hazri, we’ve always aspired to make a positive impact, regardless of scale. Our collaboration with The Balipara Foundation is an excellent example, but our commitment extends far beyond that. By promoting agrobiodiversity and rewilding initiatives, we hope to catalyze meaningful conversations and bring attention to programs like No Planet No Party. Our initial launch of Baagh will be in Mumbai, the ‘taste’ capital of India, with plans to expand to five additional markets in the upcoming quarter.”

Founding partner and creative maven, Mohamed Rizwan spoke on the positioning of Baagh, “We started out knowing perfectly well that the world doesn’t need another gin. But we also realized that it was a great way to have a bigger point of view and purpose. So, we set out to create a brand that is fun, honest and has real depth. That balance is hopefully something people will pick up on and choose to be a part of.”

Manu Chandra, one of India’s most renowned chefs and a founding partner, shared his thoughts on Baagh’s taste and place in the bar scene, stating, “Think of Baagh as the first sip of your weekend brunch, or the early drink at a cozy bar, not a 3 am round at an unfamiliar club. It’s a gin that is easy to drink, even on its own, and is perfectly suited for the Indian palate. Its fresh citrus taste and smooth finish are best savored with tonic and soda along with a slice of Nagpur Orange.”

Baagh is available in select retail outlets, restaurants, and bars in Mumbai at a recommended retail price of Rs 1950. Join us in raising a glass to the planet while enjoying a great-tasting gin.


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