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Chattan film has melodious songs with tremendous action, says Sudeep D. Mukherje

Producer Rajanika Ganguly, director Sudeep D. Mukherjee and all the actors shared their experience in the press conference of the film ‘Chattan’, all set to release in India on 22 September 2023.The public likes to watch movies in theaters only when it feels that it will get complete entertainment and value for money.Films have many audiences who like films of different genres.Filmmakers also produce films keeping the public in mind.One such filmmaker is Sudeep D. Mukherjee .

This film will entertain the audience with powerful dialogues, melodious songs and tremendous action.Before the release, the press conference of this film was held at Star Preview Theater Andheri, Mumbai where producer and actress Rajnika Ganguly, Jeet Upendra, Tej Sapru, Brij Gopal, Shiva and PRO Satish Kanwal were present along with director Sudeep Mukherjee.

Rajanika Ganguly the producer of the film ‘Chattan’ produced by 7 Star Creative International and Sudeep D. Mukherjee who has written the story, narrative, screenplay, dialogues of the film, has also put the burden of choreography, editing and direction on his shoulders. The executive producer of the film K. V. Guruprasad, action director Heera Yadav, chief assistant director Anil R. Pandey, background music composer Kamal Singh Bhunawat etc were also present.

Lead actor Jeet Upendra, who plays a cop named Ranjit Singh in the film, enthusiastically explains that to accurately portray the 90’s environment, the body language, dress up, dialogues, action sequences and music of all the characters were kept on the same level. It was kept on so that the audience felt like it was the 90’s.

Jeet Upendra tells that Sudipda is not only a smart director but he is also an amazing human being. The shooting environment was completely homely. His script approach, short divisions, shot angles, everything remains clear. Producer Rajanika Ganguly, who has also essayed the role of the heroine, a cop’s wife said that since the housewives of the cops of 90’s were quite in the pink of health, she had to work hard to see to it that she put on at least 20 kilos for the role. “I play the role of the wife of cop Ranjit Singh in the film.

According to other artists, Sudip himself is an amazing artist because he gets absorbed in every character during the making.Sudeep has a deep understanding of music, that is why every song of Chattan has been made well,with Kumar Sanu singing two romantic songs. All the songs and background music suit the situation of the film. Chattan will prove to be a complete musical film depicting the nineties.

Sudip D. Mukherjee explains that the film is inspired by a true incident. “During the 90’s, an honest and fearless policeman in Madhya Pradesh had to face a powerful and powerful guy. I wanted to bring this before society in the form of a film and I have succeeded.

As far as the actors are concerned, Jeet Upendra immediately agreed after hearing the script. When I suddenly met Brij Gopal ji, I requested him to play a role in his film but he asked me to meet him once. Then one day when he was given narration, he was very happy because this time he was getting a positive role. When I talked to Shiva on the phone, he also agreed. Tej Sapru ji happily agreed to become the main villain. There was full support from all these veteran senior artists due to which there was no problem in the shooting.

Later, film promoter Satish Kanwal also unveiled the poster of the second part of the film Chattan titled Chattan 2 in the presence of all the actors and director Sudip D. Mukherjee declared that that the story of 2015 will be shown in this film, and the film ‘Chattaan’ will be released on 22 September 2023 all over India.


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