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Mobile Data- The cheapest mobile data is available in Israel

The cheapest mobile data is available in Israel, the price of 1GB is only Rs 3.30, know the condition of other countries including India

Today the use of the internet has increased a lot. While recharging their mobile, everyone searches for the cheapest and best plan. But do you know that the world’s cheapest mobile data is available in Israel? Whereas, India’s number is third. India has become the country with the third cheapest mobile data charges in the world. A recent study compared the prices of 1GB of data in different countries around the world. In this, UK-based compared 5,292 mobile data plans from 233 countries, in which India has been described as the third cheapest mobile data provider. 1GB mobile data charge is very cheap in the country. It is 241 times less than in Saint Helena.

Cheapest in Israel, most expensive Data in Saint Helena

It has been told in this study that the price of mobile data per GB in India is $ 0.17 i.e. about 14 rupees. There are three main mobile operators providing 4G and 5G services to the users in the country. While in Israel and Italy, cheap mobile data is also available from India. For one GB of data in Israel, one has to pay $ 0.04 i.e. around Rs 3.30, while in Italy the price per GB of mobile data is $ 0.12 i.e. around Rs 10. The most expensive GB data in the world is in the island country named St. Helena. Where its price is $ 41 i.e. around Rs 3,376.

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Condition of these countries

Along with India, the cost of one GB of mobile data in France, Nigeria, Brazil, China, Spain, and the UK is less than 1 dollar i.e. 78 rupees. $ 0.23 in France i.e. around 19 rupees, $ 0.41 in China i.e. around 34 rupees, $ 0.60 in Spain i.e. around 50 rupees, $ 0.70 in Nigeria i.e. around 58 rupees, $ 0.74 in Brazil i.e. around 61 rupees and $ 0.79 in the UK i.e. About 65 rupees have to be spent for one GB of data.

Expensive data is available in these countries

Now if we talk about countries with more than $ 1 per GB of mobile data, then South Korea has to pay $ 12.55 i.e. about Rs. 1036. At the same time, it costs around Rs 608 in Switzerland, Rs 464 in America, around Rs 318 in Japan, and $2.67 in Germany i.e. around Rs 220.


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