Monday, June 17, 2024

Chand Jalne Laga Star Sorab Bedi Eager to Enter Bigg Boss Arena

TV heartthrob Sorab Bedi, known for his stellar portrayal of Raunak in the popular series “Chand Jalne Laga,” is eyeing the opportunity of a lifetime. With a significant fan base on social media and a successful track record in both national and international modeling, Sorab has set his sights on gracing the stage of television’s biggest reality show, Bigg Boss.

Expressing his lifelong dream, Sorab shared, “Bigg Boss isn’t just a show; it’s a test of character, resilience, and adaptability. I’m eager to dive in headfirst and give it my all.”

The actor, who has always embraced life with a smile, revealed his aspiration to offer viewers a glimpse into his world through Bigg Boss. “I’ve been hooked on Bigg Boss since BB 13. It’s a dream to showcase the real Sorab Bedi to my audience. Though I’ve heard about the challenges within the house, I’m eager to experience it firsthand. Life is about overcoming hurdles, and Bigg Boss is one of the biggest challenges out there. I’m prepared to take it on wholeheartedly. Given the chance, I’d be honored to connect with my fans on a more personal level,” Sorab shared.

For Sorab Bedi, the show represents an opportunity to break free from scripted roles and reveal his true self. “I want people to see beyond the characters I play on screen, to connect with my beliefs, and understand the person behind the actor,” he emphasized.

Fans are hopeful that the show’s creators will take notice of Sorab’s desire, considering him as a valuable addition to the upcoming season. There’s no doubt that Sorab Bedi could shine as one of the season’s standout contestants. Here’s to Sorab’s dream swiftly becoming a reality on the Bigg Boss stage.


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