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Celebrating 9 Years of ‘Temper’: 9 Reasons to Watch This NTR JR Movie

Man of Masses NTR Jr with power packed performance and a gripping storyline in the movie ‘Temper’ completes a glorious 9 years since its release. Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Puri Jagannadh, the movie not only showcased his distinct directorial touch but also featured Man of Masses NTR Jr. in an awe-inspiring role that left the fans in awe. Here are 9 reasons to celebrate 9 years of why you should watch this film.

Power Packed Performance NTR Jr.
Man of Masses NTR Jr. delivered a stunning performance in ‘Temper’ the character of dynamic and morally conflicted cop, Daya, is nothing short of electrifying, bringing the character of the life with a level of passion and emotion that grabbed. Man of Masses NTR Jr. engaged himself totally in the role making Daya an unforgettable character that resonated strongly with fans with every gesture and every word.

Iconic Dialogues: ‘Temper’ has many memorable dialogues that have been included in popular culture. The film’s terms, which ranges from impassioned speeches to powerful one-liners, from the iconic ‘I am the most unpredictable’ to the emotionally charged ‘Nenu okka police officer, kaani paapam chesina dora,’ the film’s dialogues resonate with fans and that has left an impression on movie fans’ hearts and minds.

Chart-topping Music: ‘Temper’ has a fascinating soundtrack composed by Anoop Rubens, which includes chart-topping song ‘Ittage Recchipodham’ became an instant sensation, adding depth and emotion to the film’s depth of feeling and passion. Each musical number supports the story, giving listeners a multi-sensory experience.

Timeless Appeal: Nine years since its release, ‘Temper’ continues to captivate audiences with its timeless appeal and universal themes. As one of Man of Masses NTR JR’s most iconic films, ‘Temper’ remains a testament to his unparalleled talent and enduring legacy in Indian cinema.

Box office success –
‘Temper’ was not only a critical success but also a box office hit. It garnered a significant amout of revenue, showcasing the immense popularity and appeal of the film. The movie’s success at the box office was a testament to the combined efforts of the talented to the combined efforts of the talented cast and crew as well as the engaging storyline that resonated with a wide fans. The film ‘Temper’ received more success beyond its release, being remade in Hindi as ‘Simmba’ (2018) and in Tamil as ‘Ayogya’ (2019).

Action Sequences of Man of Masses NTR Jr.
The heart pounding action sequences in ‘ Temper’ set a new benchmark for adrenaline pumping entertainment. Choreographed with precision and executed with finesse and action sequences remain etched in the memory of fans and cinephiles alike.

Social Relevance: Aside from its entertainment value, ‘Temper’ covers important social issues such as fraud and the abuse of power, motivating important discussions and prompting awareness among fans.

Gripping story: Vakkantham Vamsi’s gripping story keeps fans on the edge of their seats, successfully mixing aspects of action, drama, and emotion into a thrilling cinematic experience.

Impactful climax : The climax of ‘Temper’ is still one of the most talked-about sequences in Indian cinema, stunning fans with its intense emotion and powerful message.


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