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Canadian Lifestyle- A Top Guide For Expats

Canada is regarded as the fourth chief destination for ex-pats to reside in. Approximately 603,000 British national residents are prevalent in this country, and it offers a consistent and robust economy, along with marvelous landscapes, welcoming communities, and a calm living experience.

Canada’s diversity, vibrant culture, and geographical background make it altogether enticing for visitors. Its geography is full of vast outdoor activities. Life in Canada is like growing in all aspects, and it assures a better life for ex-pats compared to other countries.

Not only does this country comprise a plethora of events, but it also offers unparalleled work opportunities for ex-pats and newcomers. Moreover, Canadian culture offers a friendly environment to them.

Canada’s immense popularity among ex-pats

Canada brings together a varied range of economically refined cities, outdoor activities, free healthcare, and education for those who become Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Several ex-pats and new immigrants usually choose Ontario and Ottawa to reside in. Moreover, the public Canadian sector serves as a prominent employer for several individuals. On the other hand, Vancouver to is a tourist hub because of its moderate winter climate that is quite tolerable for ex-pats and newcomers. Besides this, people still get to experience adventure activities like hiking and skiing.

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The cost of basic utilities is less expensive in this country when compared to other countries across the globe. Additionally, these utilities are around 44 percent less costly than the UK. Besides this, reports even claim that telecom services are currently going to decline as soon as possible.

Talking about housing prices, Canada consists of ample space, and this is precisely why the cost of housing is less expensive. Moreover, ex-pats might have to pay between $700,000 and $1 m to purchase a property in most significant cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

However, deciding the right place to reside holds the utmost value for ex-pats and newcomers because prices will significantly vary in terms of location, including Quebec and New Brunswick.

The pre-dominant destinations for those seeking to live abroad include either the USA or the UK. Expats get to earn higher wages as the wages are quite increased compared to other countries. However, it might still be a bit on the expensive side because of the cost of food.

The cost of living for ex-pats looking to move to Canada

Every person looking forward to working in this country might have to acquire a job that at least provides them with an average salary of nearly $72,000. Additionally, they must demonstrate their income or savings if they have already decided to move here. They must do so during their Visa application submission.

Talking about finances, ex-pats will need to perceive first whether they are supposed to financially assist other individuals or dependents. If yes, then the amount of money they will require is dependent on the number of people.

The advantages of residing in Canada

Canada consists of several advantages and despite potential disadvantages, it is worth moving to.

The language challenge isn’t exceptional

The most significant advantage of residing in Canada is that it doesn’t have any potential language hurdles, and this makes it effortless for new immigrants to minimize their communication challenges and integrate well into the country’s culture.

The English language prevails even in Canadian provinces like Quebec, which has its official language as French.

Quality of education and healthcare is extraordinarily good

Canadian education and healthcare are especially great for most ex-pats and newcomers. Life is undoubtedly better when a country’s healthcare services are primarily free and education is of a top-notch level, compared to countries like Britain and America.

A solid job market prevails in Canada

Job security is much better for those residing in Canada compared to those in the USA or UK. The value of the Canadian dollar is consistently higher, making the Canadian labor market strong enough and providing it with a fair chance to flourish even in the upcoming years.

A humble environment

Canada has a grand international reputation, and it is not for nothing. People have created a humble atmosphere for ex-pats and newcomers through their polite behavior. They believe in courtesy and the virtue of giving respect to those coming from diverse backgrounds. Furthermore, this indicates that immigrants will not have to deal with the prejudice stuff which usually takes place when one moves to another country.

Canada’s public facilities are worthwhile

Be it Canada’s libraries, recreational facilities, or public parks, there is abundance in all spheres of the standard of living.

Be an active individual while living in Canada

Canada’s outdoor events and endless space make it the best place to explore and remain active. The best part is this country has events suited for every season. For instance, during winter, they can opt for ice skating, skiing, hiking, etc.

Acquiring a Canadian Visa for Expats

Expats who seek to reside in Canada permanently will have the chance to access five chief visa types, including the skilled worker and professionals class, which is best suited for those already having an employment offer or those who at least wish to move to Canada.

The other types of visas include entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and investors. These visa categories are appropriate for business starters in Canada or those who provide others with employment opportunities, and those who do revenue contributions.

The Family Sponsor applies to those who already possess a family that resides in Canada and this way, they get sponsorship when they’re relocated to Canada. Also, those with children who hold Canadian residency can sponsor them to move to Canada.

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The Provincial Nominee alternative is also there to support skilled immigrants required in Canadian regions. Every province has its separate requirements and eligibility criteria for jobs. For instance, Alberta holds a unique reputation when it comes to immigrants, specifically for its program- the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. Also, another Canadian province with such unique popularity is Quebec province. The Quebec Selected Skilled Workers specifically applies to the province of Quebec. Moreover, it is a province with French dominance at its core.

To conclude, a Canadian Visa application can be a success if one knows what is best suited for them. The application will more or less rely on a diverse range of values, such as employment opportunities, education, the type of job, and much more. When an individual has a better rank and score, they possess greater chances of immigrating to Canada.

Job opportunities

Canadian in-demand professions are mostly associated with the science, healthcare, and construction sectors. There are other exceptional work opportunities too but the above occupations will surely fetch you a higher score.

According to the previous years’ records, the predominant occupations have been the following:

  • Truck Driver
  • Registered Nurse
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Welder
  • License Practitioner Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Software Engineer or Designer
  • Physiotherapy Therapist or Occupational Therapist
  • Aircraft Pilot

However, the current demand in this country is now related to Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, and machine learning.


As an ex-pat, if you plan to immigrate to Canada, make sure you conduct a detailed analysis after your research on provinces. This is specifically for job seekers, for instance, Alberta is great for a tech career, while Montreal will do good for those in art.


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