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BNI creating huge impact in the Indian business


  • BNI creating huge impact in the Indian business community and directly contributing to the growth of India economy: Hemu Suvarna  
  • BNI members across the globe exchanged business worth $ 22.2 bn in the last twelve months alone 
  • BNI is opening multiple business avenues for members in India to do overseas business

Hyderabad, September 2023: The largest MSME exhibition and seminar and the 4th edition of the prestigious flagship Business Event hosted by BNI (Business Network International), Hyderabad Region, Kamadhenu Estates BNI GoNat 2023; was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Hemu Suvarna, National Director, India, BNI and Guest of Honor Shri Savji Dholakia, Chairman, Hari Krishna Exports & the Diamond King of Surat; at HITEX, Hyderabad, today. Also present were Sanjana Shah, Executive Director, BNI Hyderabad; T Satish Kumar, Area Director, BNI Hyderabad and Himavanth Vallabhaneni, Managing Director, Kamadhenu Estates. 

The event had a Seminar with influential business idols and inspirational speakers like Savji Dholakia, Chairman, Hari Krishna Exports; Hemu Suvarna, National Director, BNI India; Ayush Bansal, Director, Ideal Insurance and Executive Directors of BNI from across regions, sharing entrepreneurial insights and their experiences. Investor pitches, Product launches, Awards and Recognitions of outstanding BNI members, was part of the exhibition. The exhibition running concurrently, had over 200 stalls from all over India showcasing a variety of products and services. There were start-ups exhibiting their innovative products and services along with several established brands at the Expo.   

Hemu Suvarna said, BNI is playing a vital role in India’s growth story. It is the world’s largest referral network organisation and through these referrals BNI is transforming the way we do business in India. All of us join BNI for business, but we continue to stay in BNI because of the strong relationship and bonding we build with other entrepreneurs, which ultimately sustains our businesses in the long run. The secret of success in BNI is the relationships we develop by networking and growing, because in today’s business world, network is ultimately our business net worth. In August month alone BNI members across the globe generated $ 1.89 bn worth of business and in the last twelve months $ 22.2 bn business was exchanged among our members, that’s how huge the opportunity all of us have in BNI and it’s been only multiplying manifold. That way we are creating huge impact in the business community of India and are also directly contributing to the national economy here. BNI is opening multiple business avenues to do business overseas for BNI members in India. In terms of jobs we are creating, even if every BNI member appoints an additional staff to manage the additional business, imagine the impact of that additional job, which supports on an average 4 family members.      

The key note speaker Savji Dholakia, had an inspirational and genuine rag to riches story. Hailing from a farming family with fourth standard qualification, he embarked on his journey with a mere Rs 12.50 borrowed from his family in 1977. He went on to become Surat’s Diamond King. He is known for his magnanimity of gifting his employees with cars, houses, fixed deposits, and other valuable gifts. Speaking on the occasion he said, I achieved all my dreams and my only mission today is to benefit the society, whichever way I can. The secret of doing business should be such a way that the work we do should speak for us and our product, if our product speaks, we wouldn’t need any promotion. For me social service was a passion and doing business was a necessity. After being in business for 40 years, my business is now stable and family members are managing it, so that enables me to devote my time to do something for the society. I created a huge lake in my village in barren land with not even a drop of water, this recharged the land with water and also created water sports in it, generating employment through it. Later took the oath to create 100 lakes, of which we created 75 lakes already and at a much lesser cost. These lakes will ensure that Gujarat will not face drought in the next hundred years. Therefore in life if we have an intention to do something, success will follow, so don’t run after success, keep doing good and success will anyway follow. I am constantly on lookout for ways to improve myself, where ever I go, I look for something new to learn. I treat and care for all my eight thousand employees as my children. I do my business for the welfare of my employees, I never worked to create wealth for myself. My focus was employee and not money, while my employees’ focus was on creating more money for me, those eight those employees with their sixteen thousand hands, eyes, ears, eight thousand minds work for me, take care of my business and its growth. When we had three thousand employees, we took the decision to serve free lunch to everyone, but the expense was equivalent to the profit we earned, despite that we went ahead on an experimental basis. But that decision turned into a miracle, the employee was spared of the trouble of going home for lunch, he had more leisure time and our production went up by 10%. This small decision benefitted both the employee and the company. There was a change in the mindset of the employee and our production improved. My driver always dreamt of driving my Mercedes car and was thrilled when I owned one, that’s when I told him that you had a wrong dream, you limited your dream to driving a Mercedes, you never dreamt of owning one, if you had dreamt of owning one you would have really owned one. Therefore it is important that we dream big, if we dream something it happens, lets not limit our dreams.     

Sanjana Shah, we need to come with an open mind to BNI and when you come with an open mind you will find your mind blown, whomever you interact with in this room its going to blow your mind about the kind of opportunities this room creates every single time. All the stall owners, trust me you will not have breathing space over the next two days, such will be the footfall to a BNI expo. The world is eager to see the products and services offered by MSMEs, be it retail customers or manufacturers looking for solutions for their needs and there is no better platform than a BNI expo to find such solutions.

The Gala evening was packed with entertainment reaching a crescendo, as members presented colourful fashion shows, choreographed dances, ‘Drum Circle’ with 500 members playing drums, live performance of Dilnawaz the band, presentation of awards to outstanding members and much more fun and frolic.

Swathi, Partner, Kamadhenu Estates; Radha Krishna T., Director, PERSQM; Deepika Chalasani, Clinical Nutritionist, Mind & Body Transformation Coach; Mayank Harodia, Partner, Ceiling Crew; Lavanya, Sri Aditya Varshini Estates; Bharat Chanda, Director, Needz Security Solutions Pvt Ltd; Sushil Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO, My Perfect Fit and Ajit J., Co-Founder and CEO, My Perfect Fit; graced the occasion.

About BNI

The 38-year old BNI has 3.1 lakh members across 79 countries and has generated $20.06 bn., worth of business among its members, last year alone. GIVERS GAIN is the core value of BNI and offers its members the opportunity to network, collaborate, share insights, and most importantly BUSINESS REFERRALS.

About BNI India

BNI is 17 years old in India and has 51200 members in 1084 Chapters across 120 cities in the country. 

About BNI Hyderabad 

BNI Hyderabad is 11 years old and is likely to touch a membership of 3000. Hyderabad Region’s growth has be phenomenal, especially this year with the region creating a world record by inducting 1000 members on a single day. Hyderabad Region is acknowledged by BNI, as the fastest growing BNI regions in the world.


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