Thursday, June 13, 2024

BIGG BOSS OTT 2 – *Jyoti Saxena Praises Pooja Bhatt says, “She never fails to always stand out for right and never backs away from speaking her mind”

Jyoti Saxena Roots For Her Favorite Bigg Boss Contestant Pooja Bhatt says, “Pooja’s genuine nature and honesty in Bigg Boss house have struck a chord with me”*

The recently launched Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 has been no exception, capturing the attention of viewers with its drama-filled episodes and intriguing contestants. Pooja Bhatt has been earning praise from her industry colleagues as well as her fans who have known her since she was a prominent actor in the film industry. Jyoti Saxena who is an avid Bigg Boss Fan has always been very vocal about her thoughts and opinions related to this reality show and in this season Jyoti Saxena expresses her admiration and support for the talented Pooja Bhatt.

Jyoti Saxena says, “I feel Bigg Boss is one of those shows which really showcases your inner personality and challenges you and for me, Pooja Bhatt is one such personality who never fails to always stand out for what is right in the house and never backs away from speaking her mind. She is one such personality I feel who has no fear of calling out for things when they are unfair or taken for granted. We truly deserve such strong observers and outspoken women in our industry and she is the one.”

She also further went on to add, “In a world where reality shows often thrive on sensationalism and manipulative tactics, Pooja’s genuine nature and honesty have struck a chord with me and the audience as well. I liked how she even bashed Jad for calling out Akansha, to even going and making good bonds again with Abhishek Malhan. Pooja Bhatt is strong, straightforward, and has a bang-on attitude in the house. And I just hope she comes out with a trophy in her hand”

Jyoti Saxena’s words serve as a testament to Pooja Bhatt’s authenticity and the positive impact she has made on the audience and on her through her dynamics. We can definitely say that Jyoti Saxena is a true Bigg Boss Fan and we just love how she is very open about her thoughts and opinions, Can we expect the actress soon to be seen in Bigg Boss season 17? stay tuned for more updates. Till then do let us know what you think about Jyoti Saxena’s fav Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestant Pooja Bhatt.


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