Thursday, July 18, 2024

Bhushan Kumar brings Abhishek Malhan and Sakshi Malik together for an ambitious romantic song ‘Ek Mulaqaat’ by Vishal Mishra & Shreya Ghoshal!

After much anticipation T-Series finally unveiled its romantic musical offering, ‘Ek Mulaqaat,’ produced by Bhushan Kumar, featuring the dynamic duo Abhishek Malhan and Sakshi Malik. The announcement of this collaboration had earlier sent the internet into a frenzy, sparking speculations of a potential film project. Today, T-Series revealed that ‘Ek Mulaqaat’ is not just a song; it’s a spectacular experience that encapsulates the magic of storytelling in a few minutes.

The song ‘Ek Mulaqaat,’ composed by duo Javed-Mohsin, with heartfelt lyrics penned by Rashmi Virag and Sameer, takes audiences on an emotional rollercoaster. With soulful vocals by Vishal Mishra and Shreya Ghoshal, the track weaves a narrative of forbidden love.

Says Abhishek Malhan, “Collaborating with Sakshi on ‘Ek Mulaqaat’ has been a memorable journey. The song is not just about music; it’s a visual and emotional spectacle. The team at T-Series has crafted something truly unique, and I can’t wait for the audience to experience the magic we’ve created together.”

Excited about the song Sakshi Malik said, “The chemistry Abhishek and I share is something special, and I believe it translates beautifully on-screen. The narrative of forbidden love is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, and I hope audiences connect with the emotions we’ve poured into this song.”

Adds singer Vishal Mishra, “When I first heard the composition of ‘Ek Mulaqaat,’ I was captivated by its emotional depth. Collaborating with Shreya Ghoshal on this beautiful track has been a fantastic experience and I believe it will resonate with listeners on a profound level.”

Adds Shreya Ghoshal, “I’m excited for audiences to immerse themselves in the emotions of this soul-stirring melody. It was an amazing experience working on ‘Ek Mulaqaat’ and we are so excited with how beautifully it has all come together.”

Featuring Abhishek Malhan and Sakshi Malik, ‘Ek Mulaqaat’, with vocals by Vishal Mishra and Shreya Ghoshal is produced by T-Series. With lyrics by Rashmi Virag and Sameer and composition by Javed-Mohsin, the song is out now on T-Series’ YouTube channel.


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