Monday, July 15, 2024

BhojpuriT said for the first time “Saiya Mile Larkaiya”

  • Teaser out of Singapore NRI Shailendra Dwivedi Saiyan Mile Larkaiya with Priya Mallick

Who says that there cannot be a hole in the sky, friends, at least throw a stone with your heart. This proverb is now going to be properly translated into Bhojpuri through Bhojpuri. Although many people are trying to improve Bhojpuri songs, music and films, but it is the thinking of IITians that Bhojpuri should not be limited to villages only.Bhojpuri now has to be made the language of multicity, such content has to be made in Bhojpuri that people are attracted by its grandeur, people respect its rich history, unique educated well-equipped heritage. No one should consider it Aira Gaira Natthu Khaira and we should silently watch it like a mute spectator. An IITian (software engineer) son of Bhojpuri soil is making similar efforts for his mother tongue from the land of Singapore.Their aim is to globalize Bhojpuri songs and music. Their purpose is Let’s Connect, Collaborate & Create Clean Content. Under the banner of BhojpuriT which originated from the confluence of Bhojpuri, that is, Bhojpuri + IT, this first album is ready as “Saiya Mile Larkaiya”, the teaser of which has been released today.This album song is sung by Bollywood’s famous singer Priya Mallick. Priyan Sen and Sumit Lalwani have performed in its video. This video song is directed by Adil Khan. This song is written by Santosh Puri and composed by LK Laxmikant and promoted by Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala. Soon this album will be released from BhojpuriT youtube channel.

Italian Shailendra Dwivedi, originally from Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh, India, lives in Singapore. There he has closely observed the good content being made in different languages of India. He says that Bhojpuri will work together with every person who thinks for the betterment of Bhojpuri.It is not an ordinary thing for an NRI to have so much attachment towards his mother tongue. This Bhojpuria region has given many administrative officers who have cracked the highest competition of the country. We have to show their stories too, only then we will be able to present the best example in front of our next generation. Otherwise, just by showing poverty and being a typecast, the welfare of our soil, mother and mother tongue is not going to happen.When Shailendra Dwivedi thought of the singer, the first name that came to mind was Priya Mallick and just got ready for a song with her. Now the teaser of the song is in front of you guys.


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