Wednesday, June 12, 2024

BhojpuriT Brought “Saiyan Mile Larkaiya” with Priya Mallick & Priyan Sain.

Tadak Bhaak and Tam Jham Bhojpuri songs, a clean content suitable for the mood of the audience, has been brought in the voice of Bhojpuri Priya Mallick. For the pure entertainment of many Bhojpuri audience who have been keeping themselves away from Bhojpuri songs till now. Today on Bhojpurit’s YouTube channel a sad Bhojpuri song Saiyan Mile Ladkaiyaan has been released. The song has been remixed on a very popular track which sounds very catchy. My mind is getting mesmerized after listening to this song. And it is expected that Bhojpuri will be successful in entertaining the audience with this song. Written by Santosh Puri, this song is sung by very popular Bollywood singer Priya Mallick and composed by LK Laxmikant.

Shailendra Dwivedi’s Bhojpurit is working from foreign land Singapore itself in the direction of bringing more than one excellent content in Bhojpuri and in the same direction this is the first song whose video feet have also become very good. Appreciation of this effort to improve Bhojpuri song music will be less. In the lyrics of this song, you will find such a mix tadka of Bhojpuri, Awadhi and Hindi that you will not be able to live without listening to it completely. Under the banner of Bhojpurit, such content will continue to be created even in the future. The filming of the video also turned out to be of high quality and quite spectacular. It has got even better output due to the combination of dressing sense and dancing composition. Overall, this is a great effort towards bringing change. Priyan Sen and Sumit Lalwani, who are seen in the video, have also done a great job with their roles. This video song is directed by Adil Khan. The PRO of this video album is Sanjay Bhushan Patiala.


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