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Award-Winning Actor/Director Krishan Hooda to Release Two Captivating Songs, “Baadal” and “Mausam,” this June

Mumbai, June 2023:- Director /Actor Krishan Hooda, is all set to release two mesmerizing songs, “Baadal” and “Mausam,” on the platform Humara Movies. The songs, scheduled for release on 10th and 16th of June respectively, showcase Krishan Hooda’s as an actor in artistic collaboration with his school friend, Agnibh Mukherji.

“Baadal” and “Mausam” delve into the enchanting tales of love set in the quaint towns of Haryana. These songs beautifully capture the rustic charm of the village, while also shedding light on the bitter truth that lies beneath the surface. They explore the theme of how societal divisions, such as religion and caste, have overshadowed the purity of love itself.

“Mausam” draws inspiration from true events, particularly the heart-wrenching Manoj-Babli honor killing case, which brought to light the tragic consequences of love crossing societal boundaries.

Krishan Hooda expressed his excitement for the upcoming release of the songs “Baadal” and “Mausam.” He shared, “I am thrilled to collaborate with my dear friend Agnibh Mukherji on these songs. Agnibh’s exceptional talent as a songwriter, composer, and music producer has brought a unique and soul-stirring essence to the tracks. Through our music, we aim to shed light on the complexities of love, intertwined with the social fabric of small-town Haryana. I believe these songs will resonate with audiences, as they beautifully capture the raw emotions and hidden truths that lie beneath the surface. I hope they touch the hearts of listeners and ignite conversations about the pressing issues we address within the tracks.”

Krishan Hooda’s talent and dedication to the craft have earned him numerous accolades and international recognition. As an award-winning filmmaker, he has received two Filmfare nominations and has been honored with various awards for his feature films and nearly 25 short films. Notably, he received the Jury Award for Best Director at the Salento International Film Festival in Italy.


In addition to his successful collaborations in the film industry, Krishan Hooda has recently completed a series with acclaimed actors Rajesh Tailang and Vidya Malvade for Endemol Shine India. Furthermore, his highly anticipated dark comedy feature film is set to be released on a major OTT platform soon.

Apart from this Krishan also has two upcoming short films. One is a comedy featuring Naseeruddin Shah, which has been nominated for a Filmfare award, and the other is a dark comedy starring Daisy Shah. Both films are scheduled to be released on Disney+ Hotstar later this year. Furthermore, Krishan is currently immersed in the production of a horror comedy and a thrilling series, working alongside his co-writer, Neeltarni Pratap.

Agnibh Mukherji, an accomplished producer, singer, and lyricist, has played a pivotal role in the creation of these songs. He has written the heartfelt lyrics, composed the music, and produced the songs. Together, Krishan Hooda and Agnibh Mukherji have produced three songs to date, with “Baadal” and “Mausam” being the latest additions to their impressive repertoire.




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