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Audio Bridge: A Company with a Vision, Values, and Period Leave for Women Employees

Sumit Gupta Founder of Audio Bridge Started a company from a room in Ghaziabad, built a company with crores of turnover in eight years

It is said, ‘Destinations are achieved only by those who have life in their dreams, sir, wings are nothing but courage, flight is achieved’. Sumit Gupta, who started the company alone on June 6, 2014, has such lofty spirits. He started his company from a single room in his flat located in the city of Ghaziabad.

In those days no one was ready to join his company because the company did not have any employees. But today his company employs more than 50 people, both permanent and temporary.

When there was a loss, the wife had to bear the expenses of the household and the company.

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The owner of the company, remembering his old days, says that in the year 2015, an international client had given us a lot of work, but he did not pay us about 15 lakh rupees. For this, the vendor with whom we had got the work done also had to pay Rs 7 lakh.

After this loss the company faced financial crisis. I remember those days I didn’t even have a penny for about 6 to 7 months, then my wife helped me run the house and the company with her salary. We got up again, walked and now slowly trying to run. Today the valuation of our company is Rs 20 crores.”

The first earning was Rs 865.

Let us tell you that this Noida-based company mainly does the work that comes under the translation and localization industry. Under this, work is done on many genres like translation of one language to another, sub-titling of films, gaming languages, languages of software and apps.

Speaking during the interview, Mayank Das, Co-founder and CEO of Audio Bridge, Atul says, “When we started, there were very few people working in this field, which was also a major reason, There was a shortage of work in this sector in those days and we were also new. Perhaps this is the reason why we were not able to get clients in the beginning.

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We remember that we had earlier completed a work for a client, for which we had received a payment of Rs.865 from the client.

Employees get the environment of foreign companies.

Raju Gupta, Co-Founder, Audio Bridge Company, says, “We at our company located in Noida Sector 62 try our best to give treatment to our employees like foreign companies. The company takes full care of the comfort and convenience of the employees.

The company organizes many activities from time to time like flexible work-hours, work from home, weekend parties. Apart from this, the employee is also given the facility of medical facility, maternity leave (6 months), paternity leave (15 days), family mediclaim. Now we are trying to open our offices in different countries.”

Female employees get period leave.

Raju Gupta further says, you must have seen that recently on February 24, the Supreme Court had refused to consider the PIL demanding period leave for girl students and working women.

A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud had refused, saying that the issue had different dimensions and the petitioner should approach the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development to formulate a policy on the subject.

However, that is the court’s own logic or view, in which the Supreme Court may have refused to hear this problem of women, but the management of a Noida-based company named ‘Audio Bridge’ has taken action against the women working there. Understanding the monthly problem, at the company level, considering the social and moral responsibility towards women, a policy of giving one period leave every month has been implemented to the women employees.

Great career opportunities are also opening up for Hindi speaking people.

By the way, Audio Bridge supports languages spoken in East African countries like Amharic (Ethiopia), Oromo (Kenya), as well as Japanese, Konkani, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Urdu, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, It works. But, the big thing is that apart from native and foreign languages, work is also done on a large scale in Hindi language, due to which new dimensions of work are opening up for Hindi speaking people.


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