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As ‘Pro Panja League’ becomes a huge success in India, actress Preeti Jhangiani looks back in time as to how the idea originated, deets inside

As far as the Indian entertainment space is concerned, whenever there’s a conversation about actresses who are also successful and inspiring entrepreneurs, the name of Preeti Jhangiani will always crop up first in that direction. While entrepreneurship ideas might be plenty, not all of them are also in favour of the country’s pride at a global level and that’s where Preeti Jhangiani stands out. The diva has put in a lot of effort alongside her husband and co-founder Parvin Dabas to make ‘Pro Panja League’ a cult brand in the global armwrestling space in today’s time. Today, everybody talks about the tournament and its impact because of the kind of success that it enjoys. However, ever wondered what was it that triggered the idea behind the vision towards Pro Panja League? Well, today, the actress spills the beans herself.

On being asked about how the idea actually originated behind the magnanimous vision of ‘Pro Panja League’, Preeti shares and we quote,

“Well, both Parvin and I have together built on it right from the scratches. However, I must say that the idea of the league first originated in his mind. He has always been a sportsperson who’s always been very interested in any kind of sport. Later, we both brainstormed a lot and worked together to execute this brilliant idea. Given the kind of popularity panja has in every nook and corner of this country, we both collectively felt that armwrestling as a sport had tremendous potential since everyone knows about it already. In many ways, it was very practical as well. It has the much required Indian ethos, the rules are very simple and also the financial entry point is very less thereby making it relatively acceptable and more accessible. I still remember the first season that was held in Delhi at the Indira Gandhi Stadium and it had a massive viewership of 32 million unique viewers. The numbers themselves speak volumes of the kind of success that we have had.”

Well, Preeti Jhangiani certainly deserves a tremendous amount of love and appreciation for chasing her passion and following her instinct alongside her husband Parvin. Their names will certainly go down in history as the ‘OG’ when it comes to armwrestling. Here’s hoping and wishing Preeti great success for everything that she does going forward. Stay tuned for more updates.


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