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Akashdeep Sabir: Best Holi memories from childhood include bursting balloons in the building compound and then hiding from the people we targeted

It’s that time of the year when our hearts and surroundings become vibrant and colourful. Then of course there is good food, drinks, fun and loads of good times with loved ones. Holi or the festival of colours has its own significance and is celebrated widely in India and across the world. Actor, director and producer Akashdeep Sabir on his Holi memories, plans and whether over indulgence this year will affect the water crisis in Mumbai.

“The best Holi memories from childhood include bursting of balloons in the building compound and then running and hiding from the people we targeted. It looks rather foolish today but was a high point and in fact more fun than the actual day of Holi. Few days before Holi, this gang of boys bursting balloons was quite fun,” he recalls.

About his plans for this year, he adds, “This will be a Holi celebration after three years since Covid. One of our common friends has held a big bash at the army club in Juhu. Live DJ, food n drinks, and organic colour will be a part of this celebration. So once the formalities on the building commence, we will leave for the Juhu venue as our core group will be there.”

Covid is the reason why most of us could not enjoy this festival with open arms. Now that things are getting better, we all want to enjoy some good time with that one person with whom we have not met for long. Akashdeep too shares his experience and wishes.

“We make it a point to ensure that all our close friends and family are around so we have not really missed anyone as such except for those who are away travelling and can’t make it,” he says.

Water crisis is a sad reality in Mumbai. “We did celebrate dry Holi for two years some time back when Mumbai witnessed a water crisis. But Holi without the rain dance is not the same. That is a must for the real Holi experience,” he adds.


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