Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Akash Sharma: Dry Holi is preferable as we are already dealing with a water crisis

It’s that time of the year when our hearts and surroundings become vibrant and colourful. Then of course there is good food, drinks, fun and loads of good times with loved ones. Holi or the festival of colours has its own significance and is celebrated widely in India and across the world. Doctor, fitness model and professional boxer Akash Sharma shares his Holi memories, plans for this year and whether over indulgence this year will affect the water crisis in Mumbai.

“My favourite childhood memory of Holi is when all the families of our lane used to celebrate all festivals together. In those days people living in one area were like a big family. I had my friends and all of us used to enjoy playing with different colours and feasting at each other’s houses. It was so full of warmth and togetherness. Now as grown-ups, we friends spend time together and wish each other with gulal. Holi for me now is spending time with family and all of us are feasting while enjoying some laughter and togetherness,” he says.

Covid is the reason why most of us could not enjoy this festival with open arms. Now that things are getting better, we all want to enjoy some good time with that one person with whom we have not met for long. Akash too shares his experience and wishes.

“Normally I am a person who likes to keep in touch with all my close friends and relatives and every year on Holi I love to meet as many people as possible, hug while smearing each other with gulal. As I am quite close to my family, it’s a family time for me when I take time out from my otherwise busy life,” he adds.

Water crisis in Mumbai is a sad reality. “Definitely dry Holi is preferable as we are already dealing with a water crisis. I feel that wishing each other from the bottom of our heart and sharing joy is more important. Save water, save life is what I believe in,” he ends.


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