Thursday, May 23, 2024

Actress Soniya Bansal calls a spade, a spade

Actress Soniya Basal is not one to mince her words. In yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 17, she made sure to tell everyone the truth about Mannara Chopra. She reveals that she knows Mannara from before, and she is actually a very strong person. She tells Arun and Tehelka that she is fooling people over here. She also talks about how Munawar keeps running after Mannara and that something is up.

She is also upfront about her views with Sana. Soniya talks about how people are fooling Navid. When Sana starts to fight with her, Soniya reminds her that she has been supporting Abhishek, who insults girls. She also informs everyone that Sana wants to fight because she wants attention. Well, we are loving this bold version of Soniya and are looking forward to seeing much more of her.


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