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Actress Pranati Rai Prakash Shines in ‘O Dollar Pillagaa’ – Tollywood’s Dynamic Collaboration with Vishwak Sen Sparks Enthusiasm

In the glitzy realm of Indian cinema, the fusion of talent and charm often births captivating collaborations. A recent alliance that’s set the Tollywood scene abuzz is the powerhouse pairing of actress Pranati Rai Prakash and the eminent actor-director Vishwak Sen. Their synergy in the film “Das Ka Dhamki” has drawn admiration, especially Vishwak Sen’s glowing commendation for Pranati’s stellar dance performance in the vibrant track, “O Dollar Pillagaa.”

“O Dollar Pillagaa” is an electrifying dance anthem spotlighting Pranati Rai Prakash’s breathtaking moves. Its infectious beats coupled with Pranati’s enthralling performance have swiftly endeared it to audiences. Vishwak Sen, renowned for his impactful roles in Tollywood, lauded his co-star, Pranati Rai Prakash.


“Pranati effortlessly aced the demanding choreography, showcasing not just her agility but an unwavering commitment to her craft. Her tenacity at such a young age is genuinely inspiring. She’s a standout, dedicated, and grounded artist, and I eagerly await future collaborations,” remarked Vishwak.

Vishwak Sen, recognized for his versatility both on and off the screen, has a keen eye for acknowledging the prowess of his co-stars. His praise for Pranati Rai Prakash underscores the profound impression she’s left with her talent and professionalism.

The camaraderie between Vishwak Sen and Pranati Rai Prakash has piqued fan interest, igniting fervent anticipation for their next joint venture. As “O Dollar Pillagaa” continues to make waves in the music and dance realm, the collaboration between these two luminaries signifies the dynamic and effervescent spirit of Tollywood.

Apart from Vishwak Sen, Pranati shares screen space with esteemed actors Rao Ramesh, Prudhvi Raj, and Murali Goud in this song. With its pulsating energy, the song, composed by Leon James and penned by Purnachary, features the vibrant vocals of Mangli & Deepak Blue. The choreography is masterfully crafted by Satish Krishnan.


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