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Actress Jyoti Saxena Enthralled by Vicky Kaushal’s Stellar Performance in ‘Sam Bahadur’

  • Actress Jyoti Saxena Enthralled by Vicky Kaushal’s Stellar Performance in ‘Sam Bahadur’ says, “Vicky Kaushal is one of those rare personalities who always let his work speak, and I feel Sam Bahadur is one of those movies.
  • Jyoti Saxena Post watching Sam Bahadur, couldn’t stop praising director Meghna Gulzar and Vicky Kaushal for their phenomenal contributions to the industry through Sam Bahadur.

In a delightful turn of events, the talented actress Jyoti Saxena recently graced the first-day release of Vicky Kaushal’s much-anticipated film Sam Bahadur.’ The movie, helmed by the visionary director Meghna Gulzar, left Jyoti Saxena awe-inspired, praising both Kaushal’s outstanding acting skills and Gulzar’s ability to shed light on the often overlooked stories of our valiant fighters.

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Jyoti Saxena, who is the biggest Bollywood buff, never fails to let her opinions out, and now the actress is amazed by Vicky Kaushal’s most-awaited and most anticipated movie, Sam Bahadur. The actress says, “Vicky Kaushal is one of those rare personalities in Bollywood who always let his work speak, and I feel this movie is one of those movies of Vicky in which his work is speaking very loud and clear; Vicky Kaushal’s acting is truly class apart. ‘And in this movie, he has once again proved his mettle as an actor, immersing himself effortlessly into the character and delivering a powerful portrayal that resonated with me and the audience.”

Captivated by Vicky Kaushal’s look, Jyoti says, “The look of Sam Manekshaw that Vicky has created is something that we can’t miss. The process and the portrayal of going through, from weight loss to going all clean-shave to having that perfect walk of Sam is something that proves his versatility as an actor and through this, we can feel that he has put his entire heart and soul into the movie and has depicted a perfect look like Sam Manekshaw. You won’t ever feel like you are watching a biopic played by a Bollywood actor, and that is only because of Vicky and his entire determination to the character and his work.”

She further went on to say, “Meghna Gulzar is the dream director of every actor, and her incredible ability to bring depth and authenticity to the characters is worth witnessing on big screens. She has craved a niche for herself in the industry by delving into the stories that go unnoticed, and through Sam Bahadur I feel Meghna has acquired that unique ability to present stories that resonate on a deeper level. Sam Bahadur ‘ is not just a film; it’s a tribute to our unsung heroes, and Meghna has done a phenomenal job in bringing their stories to the forefront. Bollywood has once again showcased its versatility, leaving the audience spellbound.”

With Vicky Kaushal’s stellar performance and Meghna Gulzar’s directorial finesse, ‘Sam Bahadur’ stands as a testament to the power of cinema in bringing untold stories to the forefront.


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