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Actor Ravi Kishan Joins Madhav Rajput in “Ayodhya Ke Shree Ram” Music Video Shoot in Gorakhpur!

Film Producer Niranjan Sinha’s “Shree Monk Entertainment” banner witnessed a joyous collaboration as the shooting of the music video “Ayodhya Ke Shree Ram” took place in Gorakhpur, with local Member of Parliament and megastar Ravi Kishan in the lead. The shooting of this video song at Rajghat, Gorakhpur, reached new heights, featuring over 500 background dancers alongside megastar Ravi Kishan, all under the choreography of director Ricky Gupta.

Sharing his experience of working on such an ambitious project, Ricky Gupta expressed his delight at having Ravi Kishan dance to this devotional song. Ravi Kishan is an actor known for effortlessly mastering any dancing step, making it a pleasant experience for the entire team.

Producer Niranjan Sinha explained that preparations for the shooting of this video song had been underway for quite some time. However, they were conscious of the fact that the inauguration of the Lord Rama temple in Ayodhya was scheduled for January, so they aimed to complete the shooting and all other work well in advance. When the discussion with Ravi Kishan took place regarding this, he readily agreed to allocate his time for the project and suggested that they shoot the song in the grandest way possible. Ravi Kishan is known for his cooperative approach to work, which will undoubtedly reflect in our video presentation.

After some time in preparations, they collaborated with musician Madhav S. Rajput to complete the audio segment of the song. Subsequently, choreographer Ricky Gupta spent time with MP Ravi Kishan to finalize the shooting of the song at the current location.

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Under the banner of Shree Monk Entertainment, the lyrics for this video song have been penned by Meenakshi SR, who has also lent her melodious voice to the music. The creative director and cinematographer for the song is Shakil Rehan Khan, while Akhilesh Rai is the production head. The Public Relations Officer for this music video is Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala.

This remarkable collaboration between Ravi Kishan and the entire team has created a devotional masterpiece that will surely captivate the hearts of viewers. You can watch a glimpse of their work on Madhav Rajput’s Instagram page.



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