Monday, July 15, 2024

5 Apps To Boost Your Productivity

Earlier, when everything had to be done manually, people used many tools to increase their productivity. If you want to remember some important thing, then write it in a notepad, keep important documents in a file, write a letter, etc by hand, etc. You must have seen in many old films that the accounts of the company were also written on pages by hand or with a typewriter.

Today’s time is the era of technology, digital mobile has come into the hands of every human being and every human being is becoming digital. In such a situation, if someone wants to increase their productivity in today’s time, then many apps are available.

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Today we are telling you, some simple and good apps by adopting which you can increase your productivity digitally –

Google Calendar:

You must have heard many times that successful people always pay attention to their time management. Earlier there were many methods for this manually, but now there is a simple and free app for this and that is Google Calendar. You can already set reminders about your meetings, appointments, daily tasks, etc. in Google Calendar. As soon as the time for that meeting or task approaches, Google Calendar will give you a notification, so that you can complete that task.

Microsoft Office Suite:

Databases, presentations, documents, etc. are very important in any office. Currently, now everyone uses Microsoft Office Suite for these works. Microsoft Office uses MS Excel for databases and various calculations, MS Word for documents, and MS Powerpoint for presentations.

Google Drive:

Google now provides online space. Google Drive contains Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides like MS Office, through which you can operate them anywhere with the help of a mobile. Now if you create a document, ppt, or excel file, instead of saving it, upload it to Google Drive, then you can easily operate it from anywhere.

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Google Tasks:

In earlier times people used to make their to-do list in a notebook before doing their daily work. Google Tasks exists today to do the same thing. You can create your to-do list online in Google tasks. Along with this, it automatically links to Gmail and Google Calendar. In this, you can also track the deadline of your task.

Sticky Notes:

You can use the above-mentioned apps for your important day-to-day tasks. But when you are in the office, there will be many small but important tasks coming in front of you throughout the day. You can use Sticky Notes for all these tasks. Sticky Notes are small papers on which you can write anything on your office desk or anywhere else. Sticky Notes is also available digitally. When you open the Sticky Notes app and save it by writing something important, it appears on your screen only. With this, you remember that important work.


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