Hartek Solar named in the Top 10 Rooftop Solar Power companies of India

Hartek Solar

Hartek Solar Private Limited is part of Hartek Group, which is one of India’s top-ranked EPC companies and a leading name in the Power and Renewable infrastructure sector. Pankaj Tiwari, 10/08/2022: Hartek Solar Private Limited, the rooftop solar division of Hartek Group, has been named in the list of Top 10 Rooftop Solar companies in … Read more

World Entrepreneurs Day 2022: Celebrate Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership by Raising Others

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An entrepreneur plays a vital role in developing the country’s economy by solving unemployment issues and creating awareness about entrepreneurship. This month is World Entrepreneur Day 2022. This day salutes the high spirits of the entrepreneurs, who work hard every day to do something new to boost the financial condition of the country so that … Read more

BRAVO-India’s newest Talent Acquisition and Retention Firm focused on Public Relations and Communications launched

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BRAVO is a talent-centric consulting start-up focused on Indian PR and Communications industry.  Based in New Delhi, the firm caters to all key metro markets. Pankaj Tiwari, August 5, 2022: India’s newest Talent Acquisition and Retention Firm focused on Public Relations (PR) and Communications, BRAVO, was launched today. The fast-changing dynamics of Public Relations and modern-day … Read more

Marketing- Top 05 Amazon A Plus Content Creation Agencies In USA

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Marketing experts point out the lack of organized content on the product pages of struggling brands. USA’s e-commerce space is rising rapidly. Pandemic has even boosted the growth of digitization further increasing the presence of online buyers. A big portion of the current population of online buyers started their online journeys because of a lack … Read more