Son of Haryana ‘Amit Antil’ as lead actor in upcoming Bollywood movies ‘65 Minutes’ & ‘Aveer’

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In today’s world, many people are willing to be in the limelight seeking public attention but it’s hard to find gems who actually deserve all these things. Amit Antil stands apart from all those people and marks his own identity with his hard work. Amit Antil belongs to the traditional land of Haryana state in … Read more

Amit Antil to play Football player in upcoming Bollywood movie Aveer

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India’s Got Talent fame Amit Antil is learning to play soccer for his upcoming Bollywood film tentatively titled, Aveer to be directed by Suzad Iqbal Khan. Prabu Dass, 21/04/2022: He says, “I have already wrapped up shooting for my two films and currently was enjoying a break at home. I was looking for a new … Read more