Indian Institute of Architects to host the prestigious ‘NATCON 2022’

Indian Institute of Architects to host the prestigious ‘NATCON 2022’ from May 14th to 16th in Hyderabad!

Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) the Telangana Chapter, the National Body of
Architects; is hosting the largest and the most prestigious annual convention
of the Architects in India – NATCON 2022; from May 14th to 16th, 2022; at HICC
Novotel at Hyderabad.

Indian Institute of Architects has flourished since time immemorial in Hyderabad and
therefore the city’s merits are the ideal venue for hosting this prestigious
Convention. We celebrate the growth of architecture in the state in all
verticals are it regarding architectural education, architectural awareness as
well as in the growing infrastructure of the city of Hyderabad, says Ar. C. R.
Raju, President, The Indian Institute of Architects.

A national program is an annual event of the Indian Institute of Architects. The
Institute today has over 25000 members, we have 24 Chapters, 54 Centers, and 17
sub-centers, but that growth doesn’t suffice, as we have over a lakh Architects
registered in the Council of Architecture and it is a privilege and
responsibility of each and every qualified architect to be a part of a
professional body and come and experience the fellowship among the fraternity
and bond as a family.

Indian Institute of Architects has a very important role in society, they are goodwill
ambassadors. Ultimately apart from creating buildings, our goal is to make
society a better place to live in.

For time immemorial civilization, we have had many architectural initiatives across
the country undertaken by people with native wisdom, they didn’t have all the
modern aids, their mind was fertile ground and we witnessed some of them built
over a decade or two, hundred or two hundred years, but had the same thought
the process from concept to completion, we need to wonder how it was possible at
that time.

Today we have project managers and so many people involved in the process and still
are we able to make it seamless from concept to completion, a question that we
need to ask ourselves. Our ancestors enriched the value of the profession and
we derive that respect even today. But do we have that kind of a practical
approach toward our practice?

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We have taken to easy ways out, many people are taking partial services and
avenues, thereby devaluing our roles in this professional practice.

I think we need to change this and approach our practice in a comprehensive manner not leaving part of it to others.

This national convention should focus on how we should spread this message to our
fellow architects so that we have a comprehensive approach to our practice.

Another aspect is, are we shying away from the public and authorities, the answer is
yes, in fact, it is the other stakeholders who are standing in the front, like
builders, builders associations, CREDAI, and any number of institutions, who
are business-minded and want to do things for their personal benefit.

They are the people who are spending time with policymakers and the Governments and as professionals, we are spending the least time engaging with local planning
authorities, this is something we need to articulate and we have to sensitize
ourselves to get into that kind of a mode. But I am happy with that kind of synergy
is happening in Telangana, where professional architects and architects who are
part of the Government are coming together, and this is the model we need to
replicate across the country so that we build good relationships with planning
authorities, from which ultimately society benefits.

Today many forums talk about green buildings, but if you see our architecture from
the earliest civilization up to the last century, we had one of the greenest
movements in the world. Today we have given up that practice due to the advent
of technology and the influence of the West, this national convention should
focus on our indigenous strengths, our self-reliance on material, our artisans,
etc., as those innate skills are being lost, he said.

Dr. N. Kavita Daryani Rao, Vice-Chancellor, JNA&FAU; said, we have a huge role
in city-building, but we are not tapping even a fraction of the potential we
have in building urban places, where we can have a huge impact. I think the
problem is there is a lack of understanding about the role of architects among
the common people, among bureaucrats, decision-makers and that is turning out
to be our weak point. We don’t project ourselves very well to the people
outside our community, is it because we work in a bubble, or are we a little bit
isolated, and our role is not understood by outsiders.

People think we are there for building elevations or making the buildings look pretty
and that anyone can make a plan. So, there is a great need to create a brand
image for architects too, because we are not known for what we are capable of.
The National Convention should work on this image-building exercise for the

Ar.T. Bhanu Prasad Rao, MLC, Karimnagar said, Telangana is the youngest state and
has seen drastic development in the last seven years and particularly in

The skyline of Hyderabad has seen a sea change and all the architects need to be
appreciated for this. These changes have been possible because of a dynamic
leader Shri KCR as Chief Minister. Just retrospect, as to how many flyovers and
underpasses were there prior to the last seven years. Along with these, we are
also enhancing the brand image of Hyderabad, that way we have very good law and
order unlike in the past.

The state is developing in all aspects. The Government is taking several
initiatives, there is so much infrastructural development taking place in the
a state like the Collectorate buildings, Police Commissionerates, medical
colleges in all districts, irrigation projects,s and more. In no other state so
much construction activity has taken place.

The Government has facilitated several conveniences for us to work without hassles.
I am with you all as a coordinator between the Government and profession and to
get things done from the Government, you can approach me for any requirement
from the Government.

The Convention will be interactive, where ideas are freely exchanged among the
the experienced and highly knowledgeable talent pool of Architects, Urban
Designers, and Planners, besides providing opportunities to explore
out-of-the-box solutions for the myriad challenges modern-day architecture

It will provide an exclusive platform to share ideas for the progress of the world
as a whole and spur the delegates to propose viable and sustainable solutions
to tackle unforeseen circumstances such as the pandemic. The three-day
The convention will put forth valuable insights for architects, designers, and
planners to adapt, improvise and overcome the evolving challenges.

NATCON 2022 celebrates the immense talent pool of various disciplines who can
contribute much to the development and promise a prosperous future for
Telangana state and the nation. Hyderabad City is at the forefront of rapid
innovation and has a great potential to become an “International Design
Innovation Center & Start-up Hub”. NATCON will be an able platform to
share and exchange ideas to make this process faster and more efficient.

Support of the Government of Telangana is evident through the several initiatives it
has taken up for the growth of Hyderabad. The initiatives have resulted in
astonishing work to improve the quality of life. It has resulted in making
Hyderabad a top livable city with excellent infrastructure including Parks,
Lakes, River Front Development, Flyovers, Restoration of Heritage Structures,
and Housing.

Being a “National Event” with about 2000 Architects, Urban Designers, and
Planners, this would be the most appropriate professional platform to further
brand Hyderabad as a “World Class Global City.”

Guests of Honour Dr. N. Kavita Daryani Rao, Vice-Chancellor, JNA&FAU; Ar. T. Bhanu
Prasad Rao, MLC, Karimnagar and Ar. Padmavathi Reddy was among the dignitaries
present on the occasion.

Indian Institute of Architects to host the prestigious ‘NATCON 2022’ from May 14th to 16th at Hyderabad!