Success Story- ‘Graduate Chaiwali’ Priyanka Gupta

Jaya Shah, 23/08/2022: If you want to do something new in life then feel free to do it. No work is big or small, just have the passion to do it. A direct example of this is Priyanka Gupta, popularly known as Graduate Chai Wali. After graduating from BHU, he decided to set up a tea stall. She set up tea stalls with full zeal and passion regardless of the world and managed to make her mark within just a few days.

On the basis of her work, Priyanka is dominated on social media today. Not only this, today she is busy giving a big look to her small tea stall. This is the reason why people praise him for his work by addressing him as ‘Graduate Chai Wali’. So let’s know the story of the struggle of Priyanka Gupta’s life.

Tea stall set up for not getting a job

Priyanka Gupta, a resident of Banmankhi, Purnia, Bihar, is the eldest of three siblings. After graduating in economics from Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi in 2019, he prepared for competitive exams for several years. But he did not get any success anywhere. Instead of being terrified of his failure, he decided to do something different. Due to unemployment and not getting the right job, he decided to do his own work and in the meantime, he got the idea of ​​setting up a tea stall.

Inspired to set up such a tea stall

Priyanka did not lose courage even after getting successive failures in competitive exams. Instead of going back to his village, he chose the path of becoming self-sufficient by setting up a tea stall in Patna. He got the inspiration to do this by watching MBA Chai Wala. When Priyanka Gupta decided to open a tea stall, her family members also strongly opposed it. He stepped toward self-reliant India without caring about people’s words and set up his tea stall on Bailey Road in Patna. He named it Graduate Chai Wali.

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such success

Within just seven days, Priyanka’s tea stall went viral through social media. People started going to his shop to have tea. Seeing this support of the people, Priyanka has now started planning to expand her shop. Seeing Priyanka’s passion and dedication, many people are coming forward to help. It is due to her hard work and dedication that Priyanka has reached from the tea stall to the food truck and is now planning to make it bigger.

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Today Priyanka Gupta has become famous as Graduate Chai Wali. Priyanka Gupta has shown with her hard work and dedication that no work is small. If any work is done wholeheartedly then success is definitely found in it. Priyanka is an inspiration for the youth today.